Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Gratitude for Grateful Eyes: An Angel Message

 This morning when I opened the window shades, what a unique surprise to find tom turkey on parade in the pasture.

He strutted up to the fence, shuffling his feet back and forth, doing a little dance, and showing off his glorious fanfare.   This blue-faced turkey with his animated jive brought a smile that jump-started my day with joy. 

His message was one of gratefulness and gratitude.  His surprise visit inspired me to look up the Angel of Gratitude in an angel book by Anselm Gruen.  

The Angel of Gratitude would like to bring a new taste into your life.  It would like to teach  you to look on everything with new eyes, grateful eyes.  Then you can be thankful for the new day, that you have your health and can get up and see the sun rise.  You are grateful for the breath that is in your body.  You are grateful for nature's good gifts which you can enjoy for breakfast.   You are aware.  Gratitude makes your heart open and joyful.  You are not obsessed with the things that might annoy you.  You do not begin the morning by grumbling.  

There are people who make their own lives difficult because they see only the negative side.  And the more they do, the more their experience confirms it.  Their pessimistic view of things attracts small misfortunes. 


Try to go through this week with the Angel of Gratitude."You will realize that a loving God touches you in creation and wants to show you how extravagantly he cares for you."

Peace and joy,

Rae Karen