Thursday, March 4, 2021

Turkeys on Parade: An Angel Message

 Yesterday morning, no sooner had I said something about expecting good things to come when a sudden treat from nature appeared. A welcome sign of thanksgiving and abundance.  The wild turkeys were back, (after a year) roaming the pasture.    

What happened next, caught me by surprise.  Old Tom Turkey fluttered his wings and landed on the wooden fence post. 

He jumped down onto the driveway, and his hens immediately followed his lead.  


Soon the happy Thanksgiving messengers were on parade toward the sun-room.  

There had been four in the pasture.  Where was the missing one? 

My eyes traveled toward the fence.  

There he was--strutting back in forth, in a panic!  Not sure how to get over the fence to follow the others.  

We all have felt that way at certain times in life-- held back by unexpected barriers not of our own making.  

I could feel the young turkey's distress.  

Remembering an opening in the fence where the sandhill cranes come and go, I wondered if he could be shown that exit.  Since I was barefoot, and time was a factor, I asked Elliot to go out and talk to the turkey...maybe he could lead him to freedom somehow.   

Elliot was puzzled what to do, as he went out the door, saying he'd ask the angels for help.  Walking slowly toward the pent-up turkey pacing by the fence, an idea came.


That loud NOISE did it!  

Instantly the turkey flew over the fence!  

Soon he was strutting freely across the yard to eagerly join his family.  In a moment of fear, he had done it.  He did it afraid, taking flight to freedom, perhaps for the very first time.    

That's so true of human nature, too.  Often it may take a jolt to get us to bolt into the right direction, finding inner strengths, qualities, and possibilities that have long been dormant.   We take a leap of faith, and do it.   

In her book, Animal Messengers, Regula Meyer writes:  The message of the turkey is to give yourself, unquestioningly and boundlessly.  Give yourself up, give in to life.  Immerse yourself to the fullest in your life's narrative.  Now is not the time to set boundaries and modify the events and relationships you live through, but to let them happen.  In external self-abandonment, discover internal self-development. 

I'm so thankful for the lessons from the angels of nature. It makes life more meaningful and takes us to a deeper level of understanding.  The outer is always a reflection of the inner.   

Love and peace,

Rae Karen