Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Worth the Wait: An Angel Message

Sometimes angel messages come to us in a gentle way expressed by nature.  During the past month, a recurring message has appeared in the bend of road by the lake.  A reminder to be patient and kind to yourself. To rest in peace, and let it be as it is for the moment. 

This lone sandhill crane, resting on her nest of straw, is a picture of serenity.  In all kinds of weather, she has remained faithful, waiting to bring forth new life.  Her selflessness is her gift, her vocation, her rite of passage to motherhood.  To those driving by, day after day, it  may seem as though she is lazy and unproductive, lounging on a soft tuff by the still waters, doing nothing meaningful.  But in truth, a mighty work is incubating beneath her, eager to hatch at the right hour.  Her vigilance and faith will make it well worth the wait. 

I believe this is true for humanity during this unprecedented time of isolation/introspection on our planet.  Something greater than we can presently understand, the mystery and wonder of new life, is being birthed within each of us.  And, with the help of Love's comforting angels, it will have been well worth the wait.  

Blessed are those who wait.
The globe whistles past them.
The sharpest bit of the world
  doesn't deter their gaze
     from the promised direction.

                           --Ulla Hahn

Love and peace,

Rae Karen