Monday, July 25, 2022

A Call to Remember the Sea: An Angel Message

This morning a call from the sea wafted in before meditation--an angel thought, out-of-the-blue. A message to find the big forgotten sand dollar that turned up at a judge's estate sale many years ago.   And, take a closer look at it.

I've learned to pay attention to these angel nudges. So I did, after searching several places.

With fresh eyes, I admired the detail, fascinated by nature's intricate design.  The perforated pattern of five floral petals naturally etched on the sand dollar's skeleton was a fine work of art.  A sand dollar is a small marine creature related to the star fish, sea urchin, and the sea lily.  It was hard to believe that it once had a life under the waves, anchored to the ocean floor.   

A fondness for the ocean washed over me as I held the smooth shell in my hand.  The sea has rhythm and movement. It represents time and change. The endless shifting tides, come and go, planting kisses on the shore of time to bless those feet who choose to wade in her essence.      

The legend of the sand dollar and its symbolism came to mind. Especially concerning the five white bones inside that look like feathered little doves and represent the Holy Spirit.  

I was curious. 

What was inside this large one? 

I imagined the size of those doves, but could not ruin a thing of beauty for curiosity's sake.    I turned the sun bleached shell over to take a peek in the hole in its center.  

Tiny white objects were inside. I couldn't make out the design, and turned the sand dollar right-side up again.

What happened caught me by surprise.

 A tiny white object fell out, along with a few grains of sand, and landed in my lap. 

I looked closely expecting a dove, like the time a sand dollar fell off our dresser, and broke giving me proof of the symbolism of the five little doves in the legend.  


No, this was like a prize in a Cracker Jack box. Something  different.  I held the tiniest spiral snail shell, fossilized in its perfect form.  It had been swallowed up inside the sand dollar for a long, long time. 

A spiral is a sacred symbol that represents the journey and change of life as it unfolds. 

Snails as messengers indicate it's time to bring your Holy Inner Child out of its shell.  Look at the walls you've built around you.


Have a wonderful day and please join me in sending up a prayer of thanksgiving for our oceans and multitudinous sea life. They encourage us to explore new depths within ourselves and within life.

Love and peace to you and your angels,

Rae Karen



Ref Snail, Animal-Wise by Ted Andrews