Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Ibis and Healing Power of Gratitude

A large flock of white ibis are often seen at the lake. Tall-legged waders, these birds have long curved beaks to dig down deep for nourishment.   This one has a leg-up. Ibis, a bird associated with the ancient Egyptian alphabet, has much to say about writing and communication.  
During troubling times, the angels encourage us to remember the healing power of a thankful spirit. A good practice is to write down all we have to be grateful for today. If we dig down deep enough, giving thanks for all things, both big and small in good times as well as not-so-good, challenging times, we will learn a powerful truth. The gift of thankfulness brings both relief and release from any resentment or self-pity. It frees up mental and emotional space for healing blessings of love and peace to flow into our lives.  Gratitude is a powerful practice every step of the way, especially as we recall how previous trials made us overcomers, and strengthened our spiritual muscle.
 Today add your guardian angel to your gratitude list.  Those wonderful beings of light  who walk beside you along the way.  They will lift you up and keep you from dashing your foot on a stone.  It is good to give thanks for the unseen heavenly help that is always present, even when we are surfing the web, our angel is there watching over and guiding us to be our best.
Love and peace,

Rae Karen