Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Tree of Peace: Angel Message

 Often before getting out of bed, my gaze rests on a stately palm tree outside our bedroom window. Her brownish fronds hang low like dancing peacock feathers in the breeze.  I've become rather fond of her. The squirrels are at home high up in her trunk.  Generously, she shared bountiful clusters of golden palm nuts at springtime.  

The old palm is a teacher to me.  She teaches a lesson on being flexible.  Her tall elastic trunk easily bends down low to the earth during high-powered storms.  A safeguard to keep her from snapping in two, and losing her crown by being too rigid and unbending.  The palm knows when and how far to bend. Her timing is good.  Resilient, once the storm passes, she bounces up skyward again.

This morning as I gazed at her, I'm reminded.  Be flexible today.  Remain silent and humble when it is not necessary to speak.  Be patient and loving.

Somehow my vision shifted. I see something new and different about her.

She now has a face naturally carved by nature!


When did it happen? 

I didn't see yesterday... or the day before. 

How did I miss it? 

So plain, with two large eyes closed in prayer, an upturned nose and sealed lips, a tower of strength.  Joyfully wanting to capture the moment, I try to sketch her in my journal, but that's no good.  I hurry outside to take a picture. Unsure, I'm seeing what I'm seeing.

But, the face is there when the photo is uploaded. And it looks like she's wearing a crown. A sign of victory.  Like the palm-waving Easter celebration of Christ's victory.

Later I learned something new about the palm: The palm tree is the Tree of Peace. "It is a reminder to look for and realize the divine within.   It can be a messenger for members of the angelic hierarchy."

How comforting to remember our divinity as we begin each day.  Earth is not our home.  We have come to awaken to our spiritual heritage, our true identity. We are more than we can presently understand.  And, we are not going it alone.  We are accompanied by the presence of God's holy angels who are here to help, comfort, protect, and lovingly guide us all the way home.  God loves you.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen


Ref. on palm, Nature-Speak, Ted Andrews