Thursday, September 7, 2023

Stand Tall: Angel Message


Early this morning, sitting on the porch, I gazed across the driveway.  Underneath the oak tree, something new and different had sprung up overnight.  A strange pointed plant stuck up like a flag on a mailbox. A signal of an angel message? 

Curious, I hurried to take a look and laughed at the little miracle. The shoot of a houseplant called mother-in-law's tongue. Its sharp pointed leaves also merit the name Saint George's sword.  It seemed like a special note from my mother as she had an old-fashioned butter churn full of these hardy ribbon plants. 

A search on line revealed the message of  Saint George's sword or mother-in-law's tongue: Stand tall, and continue growing despite unfavorable circumstances.  

That's exactly what happened here.  Many months ago, I'd tossed some dead plants underneath the tree until yard trash debris day. This little root must have missed the haul.  It's now standing tall,  and growing despite unfavorable circumstances. 

 And, what joy to know our angels speak to our soul in a heavenly language of synchronicity. Little unexpected perks designed to capture our hearts by using the things we love and enjoy to stir our minds to higher thought. To reveal a glimpse of the Unseen Realm.  The holy angels know how to help grow our faith, and to help us trust more in their presence.  They help us remember God's Love, and how precious our life is in Christ.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen