Saturday, September 30, 2023

A Simple Angel Lesson on Time:

Recently an angel nudge prompted me to take a closer look at the word TIME.  What words can you find? Time spent solving crossword puzzles this summer must have played into the game.  Right away, when the word TIME is spelled in reverse, EMIT comes to light. A new way of looking at time, I brightened up.     


 On to something, I grabbed the old worn collegiate dictionary off the shelf and looked up EMIT.  More light was shed as I read, it means to send out light, a smell, a sound. 

It was as if a light-bulb flashed in my head. What a perfect lesson.  

The purpose of time is to emit light, to send out light. 

A quick self-inventory was in order.  My personal responsibility (ability to respond) brought questions: 

How often do I send out light by my thoughts and actions? Am I polluting the atmosphere with stinking thinking? What tune carries me throughout my day? The choice as what to emit in time is mine. 

I love how these simple angel messages often seem to come out of nowhere.  And whatever I value is used as a teaching device for bringing me home.  I'm thankful for the time to stop and consider the many ways I can try to go higher, and do better, thanks to the angels' loving guidance.


Remember you are never alone. Why not invite your angels to join you today, and watch for the ways you'll recognize their loving presence playing out in your life.

Love and peace,

 Rae Karen       


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