Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Under a Canopy of Blooming Vinca: Angel Message

 On our walks we often took a short cut that links the middle of two long streets in our neighborhood.  I've always been fond of this breath of nature, a place where you can feel the presence of angels.  Then last year, we met a new friend along the bunny trail.  A cute young feline appeared, happy to greet us.  He seemed to have taken up residence in that special patch of nature. On our walks, the mottled orange-and-gray kitten would usually pop up to greet us. And, we followed his white furry tipped tail that pointed up along the stone path.  Kitty liked to stop in the shade of the trees for time out.  Love pats, and happy purrs.

Over the summer with the hot weather, our walks were few, if any, but I always made the call for angelic protection for all the little animals, and the folks that live in our neighborhood. 

Recently with cool temperatures, we were back on the block.  Something wonderful had happened over the summer. The short-cut had been transformed into an amazing Bunny Garden.   A beautiful place of childlike wonder-- sprinkled with garden plaques, bunny and rabbit statues, and lots and lots of colorful flowers and plants. 

You couldn't look at all the beauty, and not feel happy. If God smiles in flowers, this was a big GRIN.  An arbor, lush pink begonias in hanging baskets, a stone bench tucked in the shade of a tree. A welcoming place to stop and rest in an oasis of peace.   Kitty completed the picture.  He woke up from napping on the warmth of a large garden stone.

Over the weeks now, Kitty has been on my mind, especially during bad weather. I wondered about Kitty's story?  Did he belong to someone?  No one was ever around to answer my questions.  And, we couldn't take in another cat. 

He seemed content to be, so I asked the angels to please watch over him.  The friendly cat was always close by, not straying far from home in The Bunny Garden. But sometimes finding him was like searching for Where's Waldo in a child's picture book.

Recently, after a bad thunderstorm, Elliot and I stopped by Bunny Garden the next day. Kitty wasn't around, but I had a feeling he was okay. An angel thought nudged, he lives underneath that thick canopy of bushy red and purple vinca.   The flowerbed with the flat rock border.

Soon there was a rustling of the flowers.  Kitty popped out from the blooms, and sleepily approached, passing by the Welcome to the Bunny Garden sign. My inner child smiled as I tried to imagine the wonder of being held in a protective canopy of bright cheerful blooming flowers.  Faith grows in a garden.        

Yesterday, my prayer to know where Kitty belonged was answered.  A lady who lives in the corner house with a view of the Bunny Garden brings him indoors every night.  That was a relief.  

Bunny is about new life, resurrection energy, and that's what happened to the bunny trail.  A reminder to make our little corner of the world a brighter place because we care.  Look for ways to add more color to our lives and to share the beauty of nature and the precious gift of God's angels who never leave our side.  

Have a joyful day with your angels.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen