Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Stone of Remembrance: Angel Message

On Sunday, Elliot surprised me by suggesting a ride to Barberville.  Years ago, I spotted the huge colorful emporium at the crossroads, but we didn't stop then, anxious to get home after a road trip. 

Once we arrived, the magnitude of the famous yard sale was amazing. The parking lot was full and we parked on a side street by the emporium.  First thing, I saw getting out of the car was a statue of a large painted tiger.  A shiny purple stone gleamed on the tiger's head.   I recognized the random act of kindness.  Some thoughtful, caring person had painted the stone, and left it on the tiger's head, in  hopes it would be found and brighten someone's day.  

Purple is my favorite color, but not wanting to be selfish, I let it be for someone else, and went to explore the emporium.  

The multitude of whimsical art: life size animals, dinosaurs, fountains, colorful birdbaths, planters, pottery, carved wooden statues, rows and rows.  Nooks and crannies... Each piece began as a thought in the creative mind of the artist.     


Wow...sensory overload kicked in at the overwhelming sight of three acres of cheerful, fun creativity. 

Wending our way through rows, and rows,  we found not one metallic sunflower.   Sunflowers are a favorite as they always turn their heads to face the light. 

I learned something about myself that caught me by surprise... 

I wasn't as materially magnetized to things as I'd been in the past. Back at the car, I glanced at the tiger statue.  Was the purple rock still there?  

I knew it was mine as it warmed my hand from the heat of the sun. That's when I was shown the message.  The yellow flowers had bloomed in the dark... rooted in a purple planter.  Purple is the color for spiritual, and yellow, for faith.   

It's funny how things play out... in search of a metal sunflower, I discovered a symbol of light delivered by an unknown angel in a generous act of lovingkindness.   A shiny stone of hope for me to remember to share the light.  I'm so grateful for the presence of angels in our lives.

Whatever you are facing today, the angels encourage, look to the light.  The best is yet to come.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

(Emporium photo: Web)