Monday, December 9, 2019

The Living Advent Calendar: An Angel Message

Red-shouldered Hawk on the wire out front today.
For the last several years, I've enjoyed the childlike wonder of opening a German advent calendar each day in December leading up to Christmas.  The sequential numbered doors, hidden in snowy winter scenes with angels and children, were fun to discover.  This year Hei-Hei chewed off one of the doors, so I decided to skip the physical advent calendar and let the angels deliver the hidden door for each day.
It's been fun to watch what may cross my path in the countdown to Christmas Eve.

Today, while sitting on the porch, I had no sooner ended a prayer when to my surprise I caught sight of an unusual visitor.  I wasn't thinking about the living advent calendar door, my mind was elsewhere when I happened to look up. 

Outside the porch window, a red shouldered hawk was on the tall wood power pole across the street!  The sun's rays cast a glow on his golden chest as he pecked away at a prize.

Red-tailed or Red-shouldered hawks have been one of my long-time  messengers.  And, so the timing of his unexpected appearance brought peace, so much so I decided to let him be, and not take a picture. Whenever one shows up it is a sign to pay attention, a message is coming your way. 

Soon the red hawk spread his wide wings, and flew away. I thanked him for the message, to see things from a higher perspective.  A hawk is a heavenly messenger akin to Mercury.  Life is sending you a signal to get ready for an opportunity that will be coming your way.

With renewed energy, I got busy tidying up the porch.  When I happened to look out again, to my surprise, that hawk had returned to the pole to eat lunch.  Opportunities had come his way. 

Hei-Hei, our tabby, crouched down on the windowsill, and watched him like a hawk while I sat on the love seat beside the cat, with binoculars glued on the Red-shouldered bird.

Soon it flew away again, but Hei-Hei stayed at his post, vigilant at the window.

I knew something was up.

This time, the 3rd visitation,  the hawk messenger had come even closer.  He now perched on a cable wire in front of our house, affording a wonderful photo op that became advent calendar door number 9 for Day 9.

So if you're reading this angel blog the hawk message is for you, too.  Get ready! Pay attention! A heavenly message is coming your way to help you fulfill your life's purpose.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Let There Be Light! An Angel Message

As you trim your Christmas tree, it is a wonderful time to reflect on the power of Light.  In quantum physics the scientific term entanglement explains how at one level all light particles seem to be in touch with all others. Experiments to measure this entanglement phenomenon revealed that light photons (what seem to be particles of light) in one location are immediately entangled with all other light particles. 

The amazing thing is it doesn't seem to matter if the photons are coming from the earthly glow of a campfire, or from a distant galaxy. From light's perspective,  all light particles seem to be touching one another instantaneously in what scientists call  an "entanglement" phenomenon. In reality there is no distance between Point (A) and Point (B).  

In the book, How You Can Talk with God, Paramahansa Yogananda describes our physical form as made of molecules, molecules are made of atoms, atoms are made of electrons, and electrons are made of life force or "lifetrons"--countless billions of specks of energy. With your spiritual eye, you can see the body as a mass of scintillating specks of light--the energy that is emanating from your 27 thousand billion cells. Yogananda points out that only through delusion do we see the body as solid flesh. In reality, it is not matter, but energy.

A single strand of glowing Christmas tree lights is a good metaphor for this entanglement phenomenon. Although the bulbs appear to be  separate and individual, of various colors, they are all connected to the same power source.  Our true substance is spiritual (light) not material, shining forever in the Mind of God.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

photo: web

Friday, December 6, 2019

The Best Gift of Christmas: An Angel Message

Early one morning, feeling the call of the Christmas Spirit, the holiday decorations were hauled down from the attic, and my son and I got busy trimming the tree.  It wasn't long before Hei-Hei decided to help out. 

Hei-Hei, the Tree Trimmer

Crystal-like, orbed angels, too big for the tree, were hung in the living room window, on each side of the fireplace.  To our surprise, when the sun warmed up, the angels were beaming a joyful blessing.  A colorful splash of rainbows sparkled, dancing around the room!   

At noon, the angelic light show got even better.  

A colorful rainbow had landed on the tall Angel statue.  Its choice of location, unique.  An iris for an iris, I laughed. (Iris was once a word used to describe a rainbow.)  The large rainbow rested on the angel's left eye for quite a while.  Then faded away, leaving a powerful message of gratitude. 

 To keep thine eye so filled with light as to only reflect God's Love.

Later that day, Elliot and I stopped by a second-hand shop in town. Browsing through the Christmas decorations, my eye caught sight of this antique serving tray. It reminded me of an old-fashioned Christmas, a simpler time. I almost didn't buy it, but there was an inner feeling not to let it go.  I wasn't sure why.

At home, a closer look revealed how this Santa Claus was prepared to deliver the true Spirit of Christmas.  I saw how his big burlap backpack was overflowing with an abundance of little red hearts as he towered far above the forest of snow laced evergreen trees. Filled with a joyful Spirit, this  white bearded Santa, reached out with his arms opened wide to embrace all.  He was ready to deliver the best Christmas gift of all, to all. The gift of  LOVE.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Thursday, December 5, 2019

A Giant Snail Shell: An Angel Message

I've learned that you don't have to look hard for angel messages.  If we're supposed to see or find something helpful, it will naturally happen, as long as we keep an open mind, and a feeling of expectancy, having invited our loving angels to be with us.

 Last Sunday, I spotted something brown in the grass as Elliot and I were returning to the car, after enjoying a picnic lunch by the windy waters at Lake Helen.

At first, I thought it was only a plain brown leaf, but it had an unusual shine.  So I reached down to take a closer look.

WOW.  What a find!   A giant empty snail shell had been buried in the grassy dirt.

It was the biggest one I'd ever seen.  Holding the brown shiny spiral in my hand,  it was unlike the small white shells nestled in the sandy soil in our front yard. This big golden amber shell clearly stood out, of a different nature.  So much so, I wondered about the message.

Am I moving too slow in a really BIG way!? 

Later, I learned something from this little excavation.

A snail is born with a little piece of hard substance, it's that little circular spot in the center of its shell.  As the snail grows, the shell naturally adapts to the proper size, by wrapping a soft substance that hardens into a another layer of shell for protection.

The spiral pattern is a universal symbol.  Life goes round and round, in a repeating spiral, but hopefully we are expanding our consciousness and growing more and more in spirit in each go-round.  The lessons may appear to be the same old same old, as we wind around and around, but we are changing, we are not the same, we are getting stronger and better with each successive rotation. We are coming up higher.

Since Snail carries its shell on its back like a mobile trailer, wherever it goes, it finds itself at home.  Thankful to the angels, I brought this prized snail shell home.  It rests in a decorative planter in the meditation garden to remind me to enjoy the journey.

What angel signs are coming into focus in your life? 

Whatever they are, take it at your own pace.  Snail reminds us that it's not how fast or slow we move, eventually we all arrive at our destination.  Home.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

4444, O Thank Heaven for Angel Signs... Angel Message

Sitting at a stop light yesterday, I saw a lady walk by wearing  a shirt with angel wings on her back.  "That would make a good blog," Elliot said. Moving quickly, she was almost out of range as I fumbled for my phone camera.  At home, when I uploaded the photo, and magnified it on the screen, I could clearly see the bigger picture.  Angels wings, the number 4444, and the  7 ELEVEN sign that I know reads, O thank heaven for 7/ll.   I had a good laugh, putting the symbols together.

On-line, I learned about the symbolism of Angel number 4444:

"You have a very strong and clear connection
 with the angelic realm and are asked to use it
to your advantage, and for the benefit of others."

Another interpretation of  4444:  "A message of
faith to have confidence that you are on the right
spiritual path in your life."

And, just now finishing the blog, an angel thought reminded me that Elliot and I were at a STOP LIGHT, another nudge to practice patience when under the effects of H.A.L.T.  (Hungry, Angry, Lonely Tired).  Stop! Halt! Choose to ask your angels to help you maintain harmony and peace. Everything is either Love, or a call for love.

What fun when we listen to our angels and begin to see the world through a more expansive and uplifting lens.  Enjoy your day with the Angels and embrace your strong connection with the heavenly realm.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Monday, December 2, 2019

Heavenly Breadcrumbs: An Angel Message

Sometimes we need to be reminded again and again that more is going on than we can realize.  Wonderful things are happening all day, but we are often so self-absorbed we miss the simple  heartfelt blessings that are lovingly placed along our path. Heavenly breadcrumbs, I call them.

 Stopping by Publix on Sunday, Elliot ran into the busy grocery store to grab a deli sub for a picnic at Lake Helen.  While I waited in the car, hooked on the internet, I happened to look up. What were the odds?! I chuckled.

Another lone cattle egret was standing on another maroon car! Deja vu! 

 I shook my head and wondered, what was up with cattle egrets and maroon cars and me?  After all, we were at a different grocery store. And, only a handful of white cow egrets have appeared in town during the eight years we've lived here.

The last angel blog on a cattle egret told how these helpful cowbirds have a symbiotic relationship with the cattle that is called commensalism.  It literally means to eat at the same table.  Cattle egrets are attracted to insects, and by following the cows who graze in the field, the cattle egret feeds off of the bugs that are stirred up in the grasses as the cows move about. In one scoop, the cattle egret eats a hardy meal with little effort, and at the same time helps the cows to have a bug-free repast.

Turns out our little cattle egret helped us by standing watch. Elliot spotted the tall bird on the roof of the maroon car, his white feathers ruffled by the wind.  Elliot quit hunting for our car in the crowded parking lot and headed toward the snowy cow egret.  I had opened my car door to get a picture of the cattle egret.  As soon as Elliot returned with our bagged lunch, the animated cow bird spread its wings, off on another angel assignment.   

Enjoy your day with the Angels.  Try to remember to invite them to join you as you go about your day.  Wonderful things happen in the presence of their company.  Ideas wing into your thought, ways to expand your comfort zone, and have a joy-filled, spontaneous day.  You can eat heavenly breadcrumbs at the same table with the Angels.

Joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Friday, November 29, 2019

Cattle Egret on HALT: An Angel Message

Okay, there are signs, and then, there are signs.  Timing is everything.  And, some angel messages seem more deliberate than others.  This morning I had a good laugh at a rare sight.  This animated white cattle egret was not in its usual milieu, a cow pasture.  A place where it typically shops for bugs and other pests. 

Instead, he was making a spectacle of himself in the busy grocery store parking lot.  Posing on a  car parked near ours, his radiant white image was mirrored on the shiny hood of a maroon car. 

Hoping, he wouldn't fly away, I knew this could be an angel blog and asked for their help. 

As I zoomed in on his snowy feathers, I noticed the red STOP in the sunlight. 

Something was up.  The last angel blog had featured the symbolism of a STOP sign, as well as the acronym for HALT.  A remedy for keeping peace during the holidays.

Now, here a cattle egret was driving the message home again to HALT.

Whenever we are feeling Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired (H.A.L.T.),   STOP! HALT! before reacting and losing our peace. The ego strikes when we are most vulnerable, so beware of its tactics and choose to step back, pause, regroup, and stay centered.  Ask to see peace instead of the looming upset.  Everything is either love, or a call for Love, except in the ego's judgment.

I was thankful to the Angels for another Heads up!

Later, a little research revealed why these birds make such good cow companions.  The cattle egrets are attracted to insects.  As the cows move through the field to graze, they stir up the bugs in the pasture. The cow egret can then easily scoop up a big meal of pests with little effort.

I learned a new word about their symbiotic relationship. It's called commensalism which literally means to eat at the same table.  It's a win-win.  What benefits one, benefits the other.  They work well as a team.  As do we when we invite the angels to join us on our daily walk in gratitude for our heavenly companions.

Enjoy your day with the Angels. 

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

(photo:  web)

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

HALT! Stop! In the Name of Love An Angel Message

The stop sign symbol shown here conveys a quick message without words.  At a glance, it warns the driver to pay attention.   Slow down.  A stop sign is up ahead.

With the holidays coming up, this photo brings to mind a helpful message.  Recently, I heard a minister say that we are most susceptible to an ego attack when we are:


The first letters of each  symptom spell the word H.A.L.T.  Halt!  Stop!  

It's true.  Patience runs thin when our physical bodies are unhappy.  We are tempted to react and take the bait.  That's when it's important to stay vigilant.   Try hard to remain silent when it is not necessary to speak.

Taking this photo today, I noticed again the bold directional arrow above the red STOP symbol points upward.

A signal for me to STOP before reacting.  To look up, and take the high view of whatever it is that is tempting me to disturb my peace.  Everything is either Love.  Or, a call for Love.   By asking the Holy Spirit's help to see peace instead of the grievance at hand, peace will come, but I must be willing to slow down and yield my own need to be right.  It only takes a little willingness, but the effort is well worth the outcome. Harmony.

In closing, the 60's Hit by the Supremes just came to mind.   "Stop! in the Name of Love!"

Wishing you a joyful, loving, peaceful and abundant Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen


Sunday, November 24, 2019

God is in the Details: An Angel Message

When a ladybug appears, it always brings a message of joy.  Everything in the universe is connected by an invisible loving thread.  This became more apparent when a bright red ladybug flew into my mail box this week.  Closely looking at the postcard from Germany, I spotted the heart-shaped dots on its back.  The colorful ladybug's reflection brought to mind an unusual blessing that had recently happened out of the blue.  

Elliot and I had been sitting on a bench by the St. Augustine Inlet at Our Lady of La Leche Mission. A 208' monumental cross marks America's first Christian mission settlement, dating back to the 1500's. 

Enjoying the peaceful view, I happened to notice a little black spot on Elliot's arm.  Unsure as to what it was, he gently picked it up and turned it right side up.   

A closer look revealed a touch of sadness, as we stared at a lifeless little ladybug.

Not wanting to give up on our little love messenger, I softly spoke life affirming words to it as I  placed my thumb beside it on Elliot's hand. 

To our delight, those lifeless little legs began to move!  It crawled onto my thumb and stayed there! 

A warm feeling of gratitude and contentment washed over me as I watched it resting on my thumb.  I saw there were only two bright red spots on its dark shiny wings.  Ladybugs are reminiscent of my earthly mother, Mary,  now in heaven, and our beloved Mother Mary, Queen of the Angels.  

Watching over my ladybug visitor, I suddenly got the message.   

A red spot of love on each black wing represented both mothers who had lovingly been by my side during a season of visual darkness, giving me faith and courage.        

After a wonderfully long five minute communion of hearts, our dear angel messenger gracefully spread her wings and launched off of my thumb.  It was time to go.  What joy to watch her fly free in the sunshine, merrily on the way to spread more love and cheer. 

How comforting to know that Love heals all things.  Whatever comes, comes to pass, not to stay.  Divine Love is always with us in the midst of trials and tests.  Choosing love over fear, brings peace and healing, and makes room for God to shine through in the details.  God is Love. 

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Friday, November 22, 2019

Unexpected Gifts: Angel Message

I'm so thankful to be learning more and more about the blessings of spontaneity, by just letting the day gently unfold. Being nudged by loving angel thoughts, not my own concrete planning.

 Late Wednesday afternoon while visiting the old city of St. Augustine, Elliot and I decided to make an impromptu drive across the bridge to Vilano Beach.  It's a quiet beach with little traffic, a throw-back to simpler times.   Looking out at the expansive sea, with its constant tides was like a homecoming.   I could breathe deeply, watching the white capped waves roll into the sandy shore, one after another. 

 A flock of cute little  brown and white sandpipers, on long stick-like legs, scurried along the shoreline, dodging the watery fingers of the incoming tide. Single minded on the goal, their long black beaks penetrated the wet sand foraging for dinner.  Their efforts paid off.   Food was plentiful.   

To my delight, something else had arrived in plenty.  Seashells!  Whole and perfect, a rare treat, waiting to be collected in one small sandy area.   The late afternoon sun glistened making each shell a treasure. Never has seashell collecting been so effortless.   And, I hadn't planned on looking for shells.  But there they were, as if they had been a special gift from the sea.  

But it gets even better, the spontaneity thing.  

Because the next day, on a whim, we returned to Vilano Beach for one last look at the ocean before returning home.  As we climbed up the steps to the wooden lookout bench, I couldn't believe what I saw on the deck by the railing. 

Two pure white Angelwing shells!  Beautifully detailed by nature,  they come astonishingly close to how we imagine the wings of  an angel.  My heart warmed at the gift, some human angel had so thoughtfully delivered.  

Smiling, I gently picked up the delicate beautiful shells, with such a joyful feeling that angels are guiding. They are real celestial beings.  Although they are unseen, they do not go unnoticed.  The pair of Angelwings felt like a sign of good things to come. 

Angelwing Shells - 11/20/19

 Isn't it wonderful to understand that unseen loving angels are here to guide, protect, and help us to grow spiritually on this adventure called Life.  It's thankfully rewarding to listen and allow life to unfold moment by moment. What spontaneous angel thoughts are whispering to you today?

Hei-Hei looking over the stash

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen   

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

A Change in Plans: An Angel Message

When the chill of winter hit Florida this week, early one morning, Elliot and I answered the call to head for Blue Springs to see the manatees!  An angel message had prompted me to be spontaneous that day.  Step out of the same old routine.   The big gentle manatees migrate into the warm springs only when the St. John River gets too cold.  In hopes of seeing them, we changed our plans in midstream and took a detour to the state park, rather than grocery shop. 

At the admissions gate, we learned the park had counted 138 manatees in Blue Springs that morning.  And the best part was there were very few visitors as we made our way to the lookout deck. The manatee is one of the gentlest water mammals.  It has a streamlined body, full around the middle, and narrows to a paddle shaped tail.   

The cool air, soft breeze and still aqua spring waters were ripe with many adult manatees (10 to 13 feet long).  Motionless, they were resting in the warm springs.  One big mama floated by with her baby on her back.  

At first, the pod was very still, resting under water, intermittently coming up for air.   I asked the angels to help me get a photo.   To my surprise, the waters soon stirred, as you can see here, and things got a little more lively.
Then the Springs manatee specialist and the artist who keeps a record of each one and their markings showed up in a bright red canoe.  

The gang gathered, curious, as to what these two were up to!

A volunteer at the Springs, stood beside me on the deck. In the stillness, there was a gentle hush of peace and tranquility.  The hectic pace of the world seemed far away.  Looking out at the springs  I thought I saw a rare sight.  A dolphin!  My new park nature friend pointed out it was a manatee. He was eating the resurrection ferns on a tree.  Manatees are non-aggressive, non-territorial herbivores.  The ferns are brown and look dead, but become lush green plants when nourished by the rain. 

Resurrection fern!    I laughed, respecting his hardy appetite. The only manatee in the crowd, coming up to munch down.

 I had learned something new.  The old camphor tree in our backyard sprouts little green ferns on its long lanky limbs after a rain.  Now, I knew the name, and liked the thought of resurrection energy at work in our favorite old tree.

In Animal-Wise, Ted Andrew writes manatees represent trust, gentleness, and trust in others to do the right thing.  The waters are home to these gentle creatures and man must be respectful when boating on the rivers. We have a responsibility and relationship to nature. 

When manatees show up, we may be looking at things too closely or not closely enough.  A reminder to step back and clear our vision from time to time. 

It was a fun morning at the park and a wonderful reminder that no matter what we may be going through, the story isn't over yet.  Resurrection is in the wings, we just have to clear our vision and resurface to receive the blessing.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen  

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The Gift of a Rose: An Angel Message

Last week, I was out in the garden with the hose providing some much needed TLC.  From across the way, I noticed a single red knockout rosebud about to bloom.  The other rose bushes have long shed their delicate blossoms, but here this joyful little messenger was radiating a gift of love.   It may seem rather silly but in that instant, I felt the loving touch of my mother, Mary.  She loved roses and her front yard had many fragrant rose bushes that she tended well.  Funny thing was earlier that day I was really missing her, something that I thought had been healed. 

In joy, I smiled, feeling the power of love, it never dies, but blooms forever in our hearts.  When I returned to take a photo the next day, the little red rose was bursting in full glory.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Look for little touches of love to brighten your day.

Joyful blessings,

Rae Karen