Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Bee Miracle at Notre Dame Cathedral - Angel Message

In keeping with the blog resurrection theme, the angels pointed out the three beehives that miraculously survived the devastating fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral.  While sadly watching the story on PBS during holy week, I was surprised to learn that 180,000 bees were living on the roof.  Why were they congregating there? I wondered.  In 1995, I had visited the historic cathedral in Paris. Notre Dame is French for "Our Lady" and refers to the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

 In 2013, the honeybees took up residence on the church roof  as part of a beekeeping initiative to assist their dwindling apis population.

I knew that bee represents accomplishing the impossible, as many years ago scientists were uncertain as to how they could fly.  With such a large body and small wings, the bee defies the laws of aerodynamics.

Honeybees are also excellent builders.  Their honeycombs are constructed in a six-sided hexagon.  A symbol of the sun and its energies. The Notre Dame beehives were located on a sacristy roof about 100-feet below the main roof that burned.

Hearing about the miracle of the honeybees brought a joyful note of  encouragement.  Dedicated firemen had worked through the night to preserve the 800-year old stone cathedral, rescuing priceless artwork and religious relics from the blaze.  It was heartwarming to watch the French people gather together in prayer and sing hymns in an evening vigil. The church alive within each heart burned brightly.

The bee is a reminder to sip the honey of life and to be productive while the sun is shining. "The bee reminds us that no matter how great the dream, there is the promise of fulfillment if we pursue it."  The elixer of life is as sweet as honey. 

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Ref. Animal-Speak, Ted Andrews

Monday, April 22, 2019

A Red Cardinal and the Mimosa Tree: An Angel Message

Often in the early morning, I sit quietly on the porch, and gratefully soak up the little joys of a new day. Like email, you never know what may show up with a message. 

On Saturday morning, a bright red cardinal landed on the limb of the old mimosa tree.   Eight years ago, when we first moved in, I'd mistaken it for a dead stump of spindly bare sticks growing through the chain-link fence. Sweating, I worked hard to dig it up by the roots, but they were anchored deep.  Finally, I yielded, severely cutting it down to a small hard twig.

To my surprise, over the years, that twig grew back stronger, and forcibly began to take the form of a shapely ornamental tree.

So, the rare sight of a red cardinal, perched on the long arm of  the mimosa,  brought to mind a lesson on resurrection.  In the winter, the mimosa tree loses its soft green fern-like leaves. But the story isn't over.  Each spring it returns, gracing our stucco adobe with new life.

Sheepishly, I'm thankful that the forgiving tree held its ground.  Before long, it will blossom again with fragrant pink tufts tickled by the breeze.

The animated, little red cardinal's loud, joyous singing also captured the attention of  our playful kitten Hei-Hei.  Curious, he jumped up on the windowsill to admire this bright red bird in the tree. Soon he began moving his mouth, chattering a feline song. 

Encouraged, the cardinal put on a show. Flying from the tree, he landed on a purple Mexican petunia.  The tall spindly plant bounced wildly trying to support the weight of this welcomed singer.   Two large clay pots, bursting with red geraniums, made a perfect backdrop for his glowing performance.  His bright red wings flitted from the petunias to the Rose of Sharon bush, and again  the little bird enjoyed a playful bounce.

I know when a cardinal shows up, his appearance brings a message to add more color to your life.  It can also serve as a reminder that everything you do is important.  I could see that more clearly as his spontaneous appearance had brightened our morning, just by showing up, and singing his own song.
Red Cardinal - Wikimedia

Easter is a time of resurrection.  Renewal and restoration.  A time to rejoice and sing our own song.
I just learned that the mimosa's flower gets its name from the Greek word 'mimos' which means to mimic.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Mimosa Photo:  web

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

An Angel Message on a Teabag

Yesterday's angel blog on ingredients for success had ended by saying that love is the most important ingredient of all.  Well, that night at the dinner table, Elliot's teabag was steeping in hot water, when I noticed it had a tag with a quote.  We both usually drink Green Tea at dinner (with no tags), but he had opted for a cup of Yogi Licorice, and I stuck with the Green Tea.  Silently, he read the words on the teabag, and then laughed, shaking his head.  You aren't going to believe the synchronicity!

Curious, I read the tag quote, with eyes bulging.

The principal
 ingredient of
life is love.

He was right.   It echoed the morning blog! 

WOW.  Sometimes the angels have to knock me over the head to make sure I get it!  I laughed, feeling a touch of the thinness of the veil in that incredible moment.  It brings such joy to the mundane when LOVE is the main ingredient, and we are grateful to be in the presence of loving angels who guide and comfort us along the way.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Ingredients for your Success: An Angel Message

Yesterday's mail delivered a copy of a favorite old book I had recently ordered,  Writing Down the Bones, Freeing the Writer Within by Natalie Goldberg. 

I woke up in the middle of the night with an ego attack...the relentless chatter kept me awake as I did my best to hold the criticism at bay.  What does my ego know anyway?  Absolutely nothing...about anything... I've found that singing quietly to myself will make her go away...eventually.

Early this morning, while still in my pajamas, curled up on the sofa,  I hungrily underlined the chapter on Baking a Cake in the book.  Goldberg explains how writing is a similar process to baking a cake.  All the ingredients need to be mixed in a bowl; alone, they are not a cake.  The writer must become one with the details, and own the emotions that add flavor to the words that are heated up in the process of creating something tasty.

 Lately, it feels like there's a fishbowl's stuck on my head, and I'm watching two gold fish swim in opposite directions.  High solar energies hitting the planet at this time, effect our electromagnetic fields.  Especially so this morning, but I did begin the writing exercises recommended in the book.

The icing was to come later. A large white tractor trailer pulled up in front of a coffee shop in town. The bold orange lettering made me laugh

...All the Ingredients for your Success.  

It was one of those perfectly timed angel zssts! 

Just the inspiration needed in the moment... And love is the most important ingredient of all.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen 

Saturday, April 6, 2019

The Envelope, Please: An Angel Message

Sometimes our angel experiences are entwined like a big ball of yarn, and as we pull on the string, one yank at a time, we discover that our path has been knitted with a blanket of love.  

As you already know, there are occasions when a certain something, quite ordinary, but of personal significance will show up and stir you awake in the moment. A joyful zsst brings assurance that more is happening than meets the eye.  To pay attention.  A reminder that you are in the presence of angels.    

And, these light-hearted touches are ever-present, but more readily revealed when joyfully open, in gratitude, and fully conscious of the beauty and wonder in each moment.   

Almost ten years ago, on a special birthday, a small portrait of a young girl with an envelope and a bouquet of roses showed up at a flea market on the Eastern Shore. Elliot and I had stopped on our way home from my birthday weekend at Chincoteague Island in Virginia.  A place I'd always wanted to visit ever since as a young pony-tailed girl, I had read Misty of Chincotague by Marguerite Henry. 

I loved her book about two orphaned siblings who were drawn to a wild pony on the Island.  To celebrate my birthday weekend, we had stayed at Miss Molly's Inn where the author, Marguerite Henry,  had lived while writing her famous book.  Secretly, I hoped for some of her creative writing to rub off on me. 

To my delight that weekend, I did meet up with a wild pony on the trail and gave him a friendly pat.   

So the young Victorian girl with the white envelope and roses was a great birthday keepsake.  At home, I often playfully mused,  What was inside the envelope?  What message would this young girl convey if she could ? 

A year or so later, the answer came by surprise.  While browsing the books at the Mission thrift shop in Virginia Beach, I opened a book.  There she was.  Pictured on a notecard.   I had never seen her in print anywhere before.

Curious, I gulped, and opened the card.  The handwritten note read:

"Kathryn, dear one.  You may at first wonder just why I am
 sending you this C.D. Go to Psalm 139 for your answer ... 
 With love and very tender thoughts of you.  Your other "Mom",  Mary
 I couldn't wait to get home and look up that Psalm.  

Psalm 139 (New International Version)

You have searched me, Lord,
and you know me.

You know when I sit and when I rise'
you perceive my thoughts from afar.

You discern my going out and my lying down.
You are familiar with all my ways.

Before a word is on my tongue
You, Lord, know it completely

You hem me in behind and before,
and you lay your hand upon me.

Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,
too lofty for me to attain.

Where can I go from your Spirit?
Where can I flee from your presence?

If I go up to the heavens you are there
If I make my bed in the depths, you are there
If I rise on the wings of the dawn,
if I settle on the farside of the sea,
even there your hand will guide me,
your right hand will hold me fast...

These comforting words added more meaning to the sweet angel messenger.  Almost ten years later, living in Florida, the little birthday girl portrait now hangs in the laundry room above the washing machine by our back door as we come and go.  A reminder that God goes with me wherever I may go.
Timing is everything.  Next month is another milestone birthday for me.  So last week, while on a spontaneous day trip to Mount Dora, Florida, Elliot and I were enjoying sunshine on the dock, watching the lapping waves and the seagulls when inspiration wafted in on the breeze. Stop by the thrift shop in town

 I didn't mention it to Elliot.  After all, we were there to enjoy the outdoors, not bargain hunt.  Yet, as we were leaving the dock, I heard again, Go to the thrift shop.  It's  around the corner. I had only been there once, many years ago with a friend.  Then something made me stop.  I recognized this insistent nudge as an angel message. There was some reason to go there, something I needed to see, or some person to meet. So we did.  

The Hospice Hope Thrift had many lovely things. A funny grandma mannequin, sitting in a rocking chair, was smiling as we entered one of the rooms.  Against the wall were large floral stained glass window panels, too big for our windows, but quite a bargain.  When I turned around, I was taken aback by an sweet familiar face.  The Victorian birthday girl was smiling at me, in a large beautiful matted frame, at an exceptional price.  The synchronicity was amazing.  This sweet young girl, who had greeted me on my birthday almost ten years ago, had returned, bigger and better.  Ready to celebrate another BIG birthday in May!  I loved it.

Now, she has a special place, looking over my shoulder as I write at the desk, a wonderful reminder that God is always present.  There is nothing that can separate us from the love of God. 

It turns out that her unexpected appearance goes hand in hand with the ponies of  Chincoteague. This book by Henry crossed my path in St. Augustine last week.  Again, an angel message had guided to make an impromptu stop at a little free neighborhood book drop near our hotel.  At first, I didn't see anything for me in the selections, but Whoah!

Misty's Twilight by Marguerite Henry was soon galloping homeward with us.

What little nudges are coming your way?  Trust and follow the guidance, even if you go dragging your feet, you'll be happy that you did.  

God loves you now and always.  Rest in His Love.

Joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Take the High Road: An Angel Message

Angel messages have been popping up lately.  Just when I'm about to take a wrong turn and drop down in consciousness something unusual will catch my attention that helps me quickly shift gears and get back into my center space. Riding through town last week, I was on the verge of complaining when this new unusual artwork appeared in a field--the bold black and yellow striped highway stuck out like a sore thumb! Immediately, I got it! and yielded to laughter at the conspicuous angel message:  Take the High Road! 

The timing was humorous, and it felt like the angels were having some fun.

Then, later in the week, I did a double take riding through town as I began brewing again about the same old issue.  Stopping in traffic, I happened to look up in time to see a new official highway sign on Main Street.  It had all the markings of a normal roadway sign, but the words were amazing. I let out a silly laugh, reading BREATHE. Was I really seeing a road sign with the comforting message:  ALL WE HAVE IS NOW.  My cares yielded again to gratitude for seeing the bigger picture.

Traffic began moving, so I had to return later for photos.  To my delight, a grouping of optimistic directional signs were used to block an old entrance to a parking lot.   BREATHE.  RELAX.  UR OKAY.  And, my favorite, the heart-shaped ONE-WAY sign. I loved it.  Life does have its detours, but only the LOVE will get us through.


Isn't it wonderful that our angels know just how to get our attention and brighten our way.  I'm so thankful for these loving, caring, compassionate companions who tirelessly work to keep us traveling the high road when life throws in a detour every now and then.

Joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Friday, March 29, 2019

Neighborly Yard Sale: An Angel Message

On a recent Saturday morning, I looked out the porch window.  It was the start of a beautiful sun-drenched day.  A soft ocean breeze, beckoned it's time to be up and about.  Confirmation soon came as I watched my nearby neighbor with her one-year-old son, in tow, and her five-year-old daughter, pulling an empty wagon up the street.  The merry little parade marched in tandem, leading me to believe that something was up. 

The next time I happened to look out the window, the trio was returning home with a wagon-full of goodies. They'd hit pay dirt.    A neighborhood yard sale was happening three doors down the street.  

Oh, how I wanted to grab my wallet and do a little browsing, but here's the thing.  I'd recently gone through the house and released a whole lot of stuff, so it didn't make sense to load up with more.  So I resisted the temptation.

A short time later, an angel message came: Go on to the yard sale.  Besides it would be a good chance to meet your neighbors who were having the sale.  It was true I'd been admiring their flowers on my daily walks, but had yet to meet them in all the years we've lived here.   Our paths had never crossed.

I was happy that I followed the angelic advice.  Few people had gathered, and so the husband, wife, daughter and I had a chance to get acquainted.  Plus, I found a lovely angel hat box to store my collection of postcards received from new friends around the world. 
But the best was yet to come.  

As I was walking back home, carrying my prized angel hat box, I was greeted by my neighbor, who unknowingly had sent me on a shopping spree. Crossing the street, she gave me a shout.  "Here, Karen, this is for you!  I bought a surprise box of goodies, and this was inside.  I think it was meant for you."

Amazed by her friendly gesture, I gratefully accepted the Psalm 91:11 rock, giving her a big hug. I could feel layers slipping away.    We've had a lot of history through the years; many opportunities for me to not judge by appearances, and keep seeing the Christ in everyone, including myself. 

But in that instant, something of an angelic nature happened, and our hearts were healed.  I was so thankful that I had followed the angelic guidance to just go to the yard sale.  I got much more than I bargained for in the best of ways.  Now, my Psalm 91 decorative rock sits on the mantle, as a special reminder whenever I look at the clock.  "For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.  Psalm 91:11

 Enjoy your day and listen for the angel messages you receive to brighten your way as well as another's.

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Faith Grows in a Garden: An Angel Message

A garden is a living, breathing thing of beauty, joy and grace.  Inspiration comes when I quietly observe the garden with the same respect I would a dear friend.  In the stillness, gentle nudges come to mind as to how I may help out here and there.    My hands suddenly find themselves busily at work at a steady, peaceful pace.  Like most gardeners, it's almost impossible to sit still and just observe for very long. Creative ideas surface rather quickly stirring me to action.

Our backyard is proof.  You don't need a green thumb to co-create with nature.  It only takes a little willingness and a lot of love. Our over-sized lot, edged by shaded tall hardwoods, would still be barren if I hadn't joined hearts and hands with nature.  Once the commitment was made to beautify the land, LOVE came pouring in without my asking. Generous friends showed up with extras, rescue flowers popped up at garden centers, and nature seeded "volunteers" that would appear as a treat, often in the most unusual spots. There is also an abundance in nature as the beautiful flowers and plants -- bromeliads, lilies, irises, and ferns have richly multiplied over the years. Nature is a hearty (hardy) giver with her bursts of enthusiasm that can even break through cement when given a tiny crack.

My favorite garden quote came to me many years ago by surprise.  Weathered and nicked the little flowered garden plaque caught my eye at the cash register at a nursery center:  FAITH GROWS IN A GARDEN, I read the sign and felt its power.  The sales clerk was surprised I wanted the old chipped thing, and agreed to sell it to me.  I knew it was meant to be as I was new to gardening and welcomed the powerful reminder.   

It takes faith to plant a tiny hard seed. To believe that something beautiful will grow from nothing special.  To patiently tend to the soil when there is no sign of growth.  All the mystery is hard at work below the surface, unseen, but actively laboring for a higher purpose.  Then, to our delight,  one day our faith is rewarded.  A little green shoot peeks out in the sunshine, eager to rise up and bloom.

Nature seems to smile...   Because you were faithful with the unseen, now your work begins on a new level.

This little angel holds a seed:  "Happiness kept is the seed, happiness given is the flower." 

Many lessons are learned in the garden.  Acceptance of the natural cycles of material life.  When to plant, when to prune, when to harvest.  All in due season. "Physical forms" transition, but the eternal substance of Life is forever. 

Can there be any greater joy than to realize LOVE and LIFE continue on...

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen


Friday, March 22, 2019

Happy Spring! An Angel Message

Look what the first day of spring delivered.  The persistent wild buttercup seeded by the wind last spring has been able to flourish in a crack in the wall at our backdoor! The hardy message, Bloom where you're planted, brought a burst of sunshine with its record-breaking blossoms-- FIVE--the number of expansion!  Usually there are only one or two blooms, but the heavy rain the night before was just the boost needed to celebrate its birthday. 

In his book, Nature-Speak, Ted Andrews writes that buttercup is unique in that it will thrive in every part of the garden. This flower's positive energy can help to awaken a new sense of self-worth.  We will be able to know our special gifts and how best to share them.  We will soon discover this for ourselves and have our worth confirmed by others.  Other people will express appreciation for our abilities.  Take it to heart.  Buttercup heralds a time of healing and understanding.  This colorful expressive flower reminds us to express ourselves.  The power of our words, especially when applied to healing, will be increasing.  It alerts us to opportunities for new life directions and for sharing our light with others. 

I love how the yellow buttercup was "popping" just like the beautiful orange and purple poppies sprang up in the California SUPER BLOOM.

Enjoy your day with the Angels, and look for ways to shine your joyful light.

Rae Karen

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Poppies Super Bloom, A Wildflower Explosion

Elliot gave me a shout yesterday to checkout the news.  Had I heard about the SUPER BLOOM in California?  Wild poppies had exploded, carpeting Walker Canyon.

WOW!  Gazing at this natural phenomenon of spectacular color--rolling hills of  orange and purple poppies, gave my soul a super boost!  Nature speaks!  Curious about the message, I learned that poppies symbolize new creative energies, so don't hold back!  Express yourself.  Your creativity and imagination are your strong points now. 

I love it!  Suddenly out of nowhere, it happens.  The ordinary becomes the miraculous.  The record breaking rains of recent months had ended a seven-year drought and resulted in this rare, wild burst of beauty.  The broad brush of color added up as orange is the color of creativity, and purple represents spiritual. 

So take encouragement from these cheerful floral angel messengers.   If you're  feeling like you've been through a long, drawn out dry spell, and all the recent rains in life have got you down, take a tip from the joyful wild poppy, it's time to let your creativity POP.  The world needs your colorful creative expression right now.  Let's all bloom in a burst of glory that fills the land.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

1.Photo from web.
 2.  Poppy ref. Nature Speak by Ted Andrews

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Journeys in Wonderland: An Angel Message

Our frisky little kitten was at it again.  During our meditation, he climbed up on the old wrought iron stand and managed to almost push a book off the shelf.   Hei-Hei's choice of literature was amusing.  Journeys in Wonderland.   The illustrated cover shows the smiling Cheshire cat, out on a limb, talking down to Alice, who is in need of directions for returning home from Wonderland.

Hei-Hei sure gets around.  Playful and high spirited, he enjoys moving things with his paws.  A sign near my desk often gets tipped over while I write. Trust in the Lord with all your Heart.  (Prov. 3:5) The second part of this verse is: "And lean not on your own understanding."

I'm thankful for the direction.  To wake up from the ego's dream of separation from God, I can choose to put all my trust in God, and not rely so heavily on the five senses.  The Christ Spirit within my consciousness is All-Knowing, All-Seeing, changeless eternal divine Love so I must learn to step back in gratitude, and yield, letting Him lead the way home.

Enjoy your day with the Angels, and watch what loving messages come your way.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Smiling Faces: An Angel Message

Yesterday a loud thud broke the silence of our morning meditation. Playful little Hei-Hei had jumped up on the end table and pawed the collection of rocks in the pottery bowl. Somehow he managed to knock one out of the bowl and it had hit the hardwood floor. 

Curious, I looked for it after meditation and found the stone underneath the couch.  That hidden discovery brought a smile as that rascally kitten had chosen to plunk SMILE out of the bowl.

 I smiled, grateful for the reminder to smile throughout the day. It was a heads-up as there were moments of unexplained sadness that seemed to permeate the atmosphere. I found myself feeling teary-eyed for no good reason.

At lunchtime, another smile coincidentally came my way while eating at a nearby diner.  When I looked down at the menu, I had to laugh at an ad:  SMILE with CONFIDENCE.  UNIVERSAL SMILES.

 I pointed it out to Elliot. 

That's what the world needs most today.  A smile.  Years ago, an angel message conveyed the acronym for S.M.I.L.E:  "See ME in love everywhere". 

"Today we smile on everyone we see, and walk with lightened footsteps as we go to do what is appointed us to do.  We do not go alone."   (Lesson 123, A Course in Miracles)

Have a joyful day with the Angels, and let a smile be your umbrella.  :-D

Rae Karen