Tuesday, April 23, 2024

When Least Expected: An Angel Message

A flagrant situation has developed in our peaceful little neck of the woods. A test to hold my peace and let go of control   This morning I could feel my emotions rising at the injustice, a trespass on peace.  I went outdoors to get centered and stood looking out over the quiet pasture--away from the opposite view.  I took inventory of all the good already in that moment and felt calmer.  A lone sandhill crane strolled down the driveway, his red heart-shaped cap signaled a call for love.   Coming back toward the house, I was guided to move a mother-in-law tongue planter out in the sunlight. That's when I discovered a hidden surprise nestled by the bushes.

The forgotten orchid had bloomed!  My mouth dropped, my spirits lifted. A bubble of illusion burst as if I'd seen an angel.  Many months ago, after a blooming season, the plant shriveled with no sign of life. Rather than pitch it, I'd tucked it away.  Wow! Two big yellow blooms and several pods held a promise of more to come.  The neglected plant had bloomed without any help from me.  I welcomed the reminder that sometimes the best thing we can do in a seemingly hopeless situation is to let it be. Surrender.  God is in control.

The fretting began when I carried the orchid into the house and began mothering it, wondering where it should go to be safe from Hei-Hei's playful paws.

When the orchid photos were uploaded, I noticed something had taken a big bite out of one soft yellow petal.  I could relate.  No worries, the smiling orchid seemed to say,  radiant as the sun.  

I'm grateful for these uplifting and unexpected messages of hope delivered by the floral apostles just when needed the most.  A reminder to look for the beauty in each moment, and do your best to keep on shining.  Yellow is the color of faith. There is always more going on than we realize.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen