Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Squirrel: Communication Skills


This baby squirrel lives in a nest of sticks and leaves near the top of an old cypress tree by the lake. Each morning I sprinkle cracked corn around the knobby outer roots of the old tree.  The host family of gray squirrels seldom join the breakfast club.  But, this morning change was in the air. The winds shifted, and only a handful of ducks showed up.  An opportunity for this daring little squirrel to spring into action and come down to nibble on a kernel of delicious corn.    

Squirrels remind us to be prepared for the future.  They are enthusiastic, and like to wrestle for play, and are keenly observant and imitative. When a squirrel appears, it brings up a question of balance.  Balance is important within the circle of gathering and giving out, and also balance is needed in time spent working and playing.   

Squirrels are very communicative, chattering away.  Bushy gray tails flicker to express emotion. So when a squirrel appears it could signal a time to develop our own communication skills. Communication  will be an  important part of our preparation for the future.  A reminder to speak with loving kindness, like these two baby squirrels high up in an old oak, they both let down their long, bushy tails, and shared a sweet moment from heart to heart.  




I was thankful for the angel reminder from nature to speak softly and deliver any messages with a kind and loving heart today.  Love is reflected in Love.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen