Monday, April 1, 2024

An Easter Turkey: An Angel Message

 Early Easter morning, a special angel delivery appeared on the road to the lake. On our daily run to feed the ducks, I had the usual tin canister of cracked corn in my lap when we caught sight of a lone wild turkey waiting by the tree-lined country road.

Something was up.  With the housing boom, wild turkeys are few and far between this spring.  And, here a blue-faced juvenile tom was standing by the road, waiting.

Elliot stopped the car to greet our early Easter riser.  Rather than skittishly run in fear,  the turkey remained calm, and looked up at us with big shiny brown eyes.  What happened next caught me by surprise. I  found myself reaching into the brown tin and tossing a handful of cracked corn his way.  

Easter is a time of great thanksgiving.   "In your giving, is your receiving."  

And, our roadside pedestrian wasted no time enjoying his breakfast. 

Turkey, sometimes called the earth eagle, has a long history of association with spirituality and the honoring of Earth Mother.   Turkeys are all about shared blessings and harvest.

I was thankful for the reminder to fully give as you have fully received.  The world is in need of a loving cup of kindness. The angels encourage us to look for ways to bless others throughout the day.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen