Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Semper Paratus and Semper Gumby!

Over the years, I've made a mental toolbox in which to store up spiritual quotes to combat my ego in times of challenge.   

For instance, while reading the book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, I came across a powerful Latin phrase. Mary Baker Eddy defined Truth's motto: 

Semper paratus  

(which means Divinity is always ready. Truth is one of the seven synonyms for God.)

I liked that powerful reminder.

So no matter what is going on in my world, God's Love is always ready.  Always present, filling all space, transcending time. I just need to let it in.

SEMPER PARATUS  became a retort to silence any ego thoughts of worry, doubt, anger or fear.  Like a gatekeeper at the door of my consciousness, I try to stand guard and arrest all those pesky negative thoughts. If I invite them in and entertain them over a cup of tea like I would an old friend, what a woeful dirge, sucking me into the past and future drama of what if... or ...if only I'd...or why me?     

While surfing the net one day, another Latin phrase caught me by surprise:   SEMPER GUMBY 

The translation means ALWAYS FLEXIBLE.   I was amused to learn Gumby's creator,  Art Clokey, knew exactly what he was doing when he named his bendable green toy.

                                                           (Gumby and Archangel Uriel)

SEMPER GUMBY.  Always Flexible went into my spiritual toolbox.  Flexibility helps me to bend a little here and there rather than snap when under pressure.  Stay flexible moment by moment as the day unfolds.  Then in humble hindsight, I can look back with gratitude for the very circumstance that made me stretch and grow.  In faith, I discover more about who I am and what God knows about me. Divinity is always ready.  SEMPER PARATUS, what a heartwarming Truth.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen 

(Gumby seal from the web)