Thursday, April 4, 2024

Poetry in Motion: An Angel Message

There's a true saying that we always teach what we need to learn.   

A few days ago, a memorable picture of harmony appeared on the still lake waters.  It was poetry in motion as I gazed through the camera lens to get the big picture.  A little brown duck had dipped down in the lake and unknowingly created a work of art.  The wise duck peacefully cuddled the center of a vortex of glistening concentric circles that all began with his action. 

It was an angel message to pay attention to my own actions.  To watch what I'm creating because its influence will circle far and wide.  The ripple effect in action. 

Little did I know that soon a test would be coming up... 

It happened this morning at the lake while feeding the ducks.  An irate fisherman tried to spoil the serenity of a new day.  In that moment, rather than take the bait, the lovely picture of the duck's rippling effect came to mind. Although, I admit my feathers started to get ruffled, I kept my focus on the calm lake and the serene duck basking in its radiant center.    

May you choose peace today and have patience when dealing with yourself and others.  Tests come in many disguises ready to reveal unhealed parts of ourselves, hidden away.

Remember you are always in the company of God's angels who help guide, comfort, and protect in all your ways. The best is yet to be. 

Love and peace,

Rae Karen