Saturday, January 26, 2013

Angel of Challenge - The Flower Messengers

Bromelia in my garden this morning

Before getting out of bed this morning, I rolled over and reached for an Angel Messenger card. The room was fairly dark, so I could barely make out the word. I turned on the lamp.  Challenge.  Today is the full moon so I knew it was a heads up. 

The angelic message:

"The true challenge in your life involves your willingness to confront your own inner demons and to allow your deeply felt dreams and aspirations from your spirit to surface in your life.  This is called initiation."

...You face the challenge of failing to believe that the change underway in your psyche is of the Universe's doing and not due only to physical or emotional causes.  You have not failed, but you are being sought to acknowledge the power of the sacred in your life and on the Earth.  You are being asked to trust the Universe because you are awakening to dreams, visions, and spiritual understanding that will serve you well in this life."

I was thankful to the angels for this powerful message that applies to so many right now.  We haven't done anything wrong.  We have not failed.  We are a work in progress. 

After reading the message, I turned to the front of the book on working with flowers for guidance.  I was amused to learn that I was to choose a flower that feels good to me today.

I was surprised by the synchronicity.   I knew the perfect one. This beautiful  pink bromelia unexpectedly bloomed yesterday. The only one.   A few weeks ago I'd transplanted it to a new location with other bromelias.  When I went to dig it up, I had a sinking feeling that logically this wasn't a good idea.  With the temperatures dropping low at night, who transplants a robust flower in winter?  But the urge was so strong that I followed it.

The angel teaching I learned from this flower is that no matter how foolish inner guidance may seem, trust the instinct and do it.  Your efforts will blossom, especially when received in a place of like minded ones.  The leaves of the bromelia are sharp, protecting the blossom, from unwanted visitors, so that it may grow.  I love the soft pink color symbolic of divine love.  A reminder that love is always present, but sometimes not so visible in present in form.

You may want to work with a flower messenger.  If you do, be sure to offer gratitude for their growing and offering you the opportunity to walk your path more clearly.  The flower you work with must be alive. If you are going to pick one to bring inside, always ask it first to withdraw its energy back to the Earth and its essence.  "Then close your eyes and take a deep breath. Steady your breathing with several regular breaths. Then open your eyes and look into the flower you are holding. The angelic message for you is just in this moment, this day. It is relevant to you because of your willingness to accept the teaching of the Universe, of your own angelic teachers and masters."

Enjoy your day with the Angels and all the love they radiate your way.  Life truly is a miracle.



P.S. Angel Messenger Cards are available by Meredith L. Young-Sowers. Stillpoint Publishing. ISBN 0-913299-95-2. The beautiful flowers in the 42 card deck are photographed by Carol Duke.