Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sing A New Song

Something kind of funny happened this morning when I'd decided to write the blog about music and was interrupted by a phone call.  On my way back to the desk, I selected an angel card, it was, of course, Harmony, picturing three angels singing together.

It was also timely as  I'd learned a new musical descriptor earlier that was a perfect key.  "Ripieno" which means filling up or filling up with harmony. 

 In order for this to happen, we must become empty and still, present in the moment.  In emptiness we are now open to being filled with harmony and light.  What came to mind was a need to stop singing the same old tune.  This can be scary, especially if we have a need to be in control. As we become clear in our own true song, others can more readily join in with theirs. A natural harmonic resonance is set up.

On another note, excuse the pun, music is a wonderful way to make a connection to the celestial realm.  Nothing can change a gloomy day into a brighter one like playing music can.  Sometimes we are too busy to stop and listen and enjoy this universal language of melody that shifts our spirits to higher ground.

Enjoy your day in harmony with the Angels.