Saturday, January 5, 2013

Out with the Old, In with the New

I found this entry in an old journal while cleaning out closets to begin the New Year.  I started to throw it away, but something told me to keep it.   Later, when I sat down to revisit last year, I was happy that I did.  Some messages never become outdated and this was a good one for me on just how much how our thoughts can influence our experiences.   
January 1, 2012

Earlier in December, Elliot and I had just moved to Florida.  To begin 2012 living in DeLand was like a dream come true.  However, the New Year's celebration that began long before midnight was a little more exuberant than we were accustomed to on the farm.  Now living two blocks from the University in a neighborhood was a bit of a culture shock that night.  A steady stream of fireworks with sonic booms and rounds of gun shots lasted into the wee hours of the morn.

Our college student neighbors were partying a few doors down.  Smoke stung my eyes from the festivities as I lay awake in my bed.  My thoughts began to spiral, had we made a mistake moving here?  The house is beautiful but the neighborhood less than ideal.  I became resentful of all the racket and rowdiness.

Then I caught myself in midstream of my own negative barrage. 

I had a choice as to how I saw the stream of events.

 I began to apply the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy.  God is only harmonious.  God is Love.  There is no time, no place, where God's goodness is not. 

I needed to get above my mortal mind thinking that was bearing false testimony based on the five senses.

Lying awake, I began to see the Oneness of God in everything.  The Light. I remembered that angels are encamped around us.  Soon, I fell asleep.  It didn't last long.  A sonic boom bounced me awake;  my heart thumping out of my chest. 

I got up to see what was happening.  From the large picture window in the dining room, I looked down the street, shrouded in smoke, from young boys shooting off bottle rockets. 

Another loud boom, and a beautiful lotus filled the night sky.

Above it, I could see the stars; something I thought I'd not see, living in town.  The Big Dipper hung in perfection like pouring out blessings onto the Earth.

I watched the smoke from the beautiful lotus display form into three distinctive clouds, following each other, heading by my window, high up in the sky.  In amazement, I saw the first cloud transform into the shape of an angel.  Gabriel came to mind.

 In gratitude and awe, I returned to bed, thankful for the reminder to think only God's Thoughts. To take my mind up higher to the Truth.  "We live and move and breathe in an atmosphere of Divine love."

(Note:  The smoke from the streets never touched the clouds; my lower thoughts had no effect on Truth.)

Enjoy your day with the Angels.