Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Manatees Festival of Joy

Yesterday we found ourselves at the Manatees Festival in a "joyous sea of humanity, as well as manatees. The Angel of Enthusiasm must have nudged Elliot to head for Blue Springs, a favorite place to enjoy the quietude of nature. Bus loads of spectators gathered to enjoy the festivities in honor of this gentle creature.
Today while writing the blog, I remembered a little book my friend Sananjaleen had written many years ago. I wondered what she had to say in The Dolphin Ones about the Manatees. I found it on the last page:

"Go touch the Manatees--their hearts and minds. Go pledge your love to these great beings, for they still must wait, and love in recognition from their kin, from those who share their light, would be as joyous words from Home."

Enjoy the spontaneity of the Angels. You'll be glad when you do.