Monday, January 28, 2013

Entertaining Angels Within

It can in no sense be said that heaven
is outside of anyone; it
is within...
and a man also, so far,
as he receives heaven,
is a recipient, a heaven,
and an angel.

The only thing that can block the flow of divine communication in my life is me. 

What voice am I listening to? 

The Holy Spirit's voice always leads away from fear and opens the door to love and freedom.  The Angels hover round shielding us from every negative ego thought, but we must pay attention to what thoughts we entertain.  Everything we say or do or think is either strengthening the ego or extending the Divine love out into our world.

Thoughts are never neutral.  Each one has a power for light or darkness. The key is to stay focused and bar the door to anything less than love. 
Brighten your day with the Angels and remember that God loves you now. 
Rae Karen