Friday, March 29, 2013

Christ and The Angel in the Garden

Christ in the Garden
Philippe de Champaigne (1602-1674)
A question that often arises during an angel talk:  If we have Christ, why do we need the assistance of angels?  According to scripture, angels played an important role throughout the life of Jesus.  During this holy week, I'm reminded of how an angel ministered to Jesus during his darkest hour, giving him strength and courage to fulfill his divine purpose.

 I found this comforting painting today.  It gives one an inner strength that adds to the conviction that we are never truly alone. God knows our every need.  The artist's depiction of the full moon peering through a threatening stormy cloud adds more light to the favorite spot where Jesus had come to pray in the still, quiet garden called Gethsemane.  Although his disciples were with him and he'd asked them to pray, they had fallen asleep, leaving him alone with his fears.  Then an angel's presence appeared before him; a heavenly messenger, offering comfort and strength.  There is no condition where God's Love is absent, if we let it in. 

We each face our own trials as we follow the footsteps of the Master. God is no respecter of persons, the promise of a resurrection and rebirth is available to everyone as we utter the same prayer as Christ Jesus:  "Father, not as I will, but as Thou wilt!"

What joy to know the truth!  "My redeemer liveth!"

Thanks be to Christ for being the Way.