Monday, March 11, 2013

A Local "Spirit"

Over 500,000 bikers barrelled into central Florida in celebration of annual Biker Week. DeLand was no exception. New York Avenue was closed for Harley parking. Elliot and I had walked downtown to check out the action. 

With thousands of bikes lined up on main street, I wondered if we'd find a place for lunch. The angels guided us to the last table at the Greek restaurant, Santorini's.

Turns out this canine biker aficionado also enjoys Mediterranean cuisine.  His eyes were so human- like, Elliot commented to the owner, "I bet this dog can talk." 

She grinned."You'd be surprised the things this dog can do!   I take him around to nursing homes, schools, and hospitals.  He's had some amazing healings." 

I was curious as to his name. 

"Spirit", she smiled.

 I couldn't resist patting his fluffy white coif before we continued on our merry way, thankful for the encounter with Spirit.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.