Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Beautiful Rainbow Cloud

Thursday afternoon on our way to a spiritual meeting, I saw the most beautiful sight in the sky over the high school in town.  A large white cloud had spiral wisps of iridescent rainbow colors swirling out from it.  So amazed, I gasped, "Elliot,  pull over!"  He panicked, thinking something was wrong with the car.  Then I pointed out the rainbow cloud.  Before it faded, I captured a few pictures with my cellphone, but I can't transfer them to the computer.

The sky was as if we'd caught a glimpse of heaven.  Colors like I'd not seen before...and the adjacent long flat low lying clouds had a celestial touch as well.  Elliot marvelled at the face of Mother Mary appearing in that cloud.  It was such a wonderful omen and a sacred moment. The message of hope and faith.  No matter how big the cloud may be in our life right now, the rainbow of God's Love is shining through.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.