Wednesday, March 6, 2013

An Angel Message from the Blue Jay

(Photo by Wikimedia Commons)

It's fun to watch the birds in the yard busily gather fabric, paper, and twigs to build a nest.  Yesterday morning I saw a colorful blue jay fly by with a long white strip in its beak.  The cold weather was no deterrent, she was on purpose, exercising her choice as far as what to use to create a safe and comfortable place to lay her eggs. 

Her sighting seemed so deliberate that I looked up the message of the jay in Claire Nahmad's book,  Angel Messages, The Oracle of the Birds.

"The jay comes to you when you need to manifest something in your life, or perhaps when what is manifest needs to be restructured or even deconstructed.  Its message may be simply that you need more structure to your life, your time, your project, your relationship.  It's harsh scream commands:

'Build your dream! Embody your ideal! Anchor your vision!'"

I thanked the blue jay for the reminder that thoughts are things, and that I am always creating my world, based on the thoughts I think. As human beings, the more our consciousness gravitates Godward, the more expansive we become.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.