Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fully Rely On God (F.R.O.G.) Angel

Inspiration wafts in like the rustling of angel wings. Elliot and I had parked our lawn chairs underneath the canopy of the old camphor tree in our backyard.  Sitting out in nature, an idea came to me to make a patio in that spot. The camphor tree had wonderful healing energy.  So we began to collect the 12 inch stepping stones from the garden path to make a border for our new patio just for the fun of it.   

With several rows of stepping stones sandwiched together, the project was becoming too laborious to think about. Hauling bags of sand to level the additional stones needed to complete it.   Doubts crept in about my new bright idea. My ego whined, Do you want to spend all that time making a patio?  Can't you just sit in the chair now and relax?  Mosquitoes will be coming.  The weather will turn hot and humid.  Her chatter was endless, but effective and I slowly returned the stepping tiles to their respective place on the garden path. 

At dusk that evening, the lure of the old tree called us to sit underneath her branches in the cool of the night.  Again, I envisioned a finished patio. At that moment, a big barred owl appeared on a limb.  It looked like a large cat with wings. His appearance gave the yard a mystical charge as we made eye contact. I know that owl is a symbol for wisdom. Owl sees what others cannot. I wondered if he was the reason, inspiration struck the next morning.  

Instead of making the patio with garden tiles, we could use them for the border and fill the center of the patio with egg size pebbles.  Elliot agreed.  

We hurried off to Lowes to buy multiple bags of egg stones. Voila! Within a few hours, we were resting on our new patio underneath the boughs of the camphor tree.  

But more was to come.  Inspiration struck on Sunday.  Look for two chaise lounges to add to the comfort. Our first stop was a hit.  A furniture outlet had a shipment of those chairs from a hotel liquidation sale. At the store we met another couple shopping for chairs.  They offered to deliver ours to our home.  The angels were working overtime.  The angelic couple  followed us home in their van.

In gratitude for their kindness, the angels whispered to give her my best red geranium plant. But then another thought added to that one. Give her your cherub and frog statue. (pictured here). 

Frog and Angel Statue from Garden at VA Beach
 I told her the acronym for FROG:  (F)ully (R)ely (O)n (G)od.  Her eyes softened.  "Please pray for me," she said, confiding that she had a health challenge.  It turned out that the couple are ministers and had just moved to the area. The new geranium was perfect as she had to leave all her plants behind when she moved. 

I was thankful I listened to guidance.

Elliot and I are enjoying our new patio.  I had to smile when my angel card that evening was The Angel of Relaxation! BING!

Enjoy your day with the angels.

Joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

 (Photo:  Our 2 year old patio)