Thursday, March 14, 2013

Author! Author!

Today is my sweet  husband's birthday.  Elliot Chiprut has just published a wonderful book, Practical Wisdom from Kabbalah and Edgar Cayce.  One of my favorite excerpts is  about an angel.

Angel On The Bus

              Many years ago, I was working in a photographer’s studio. One day, while my car was in the repair shop, I needed to take the bus to work. The weather forecast for that day called for rain, so I took my umbrella. While waiting for the bus, I sat down on a nearby bench. At the far side of the bench sat an elderly man dressed in old, wrinkled, dirty clothes. He needed a shave and a bath. I sat on the bench and ignored him. Soon it started raining and I opened my umbrella. The elderly man on the other end was getting wet.   I heard an inner voice say, “Go sit next to him and share your umbrella.”

Reluctant at first, I then moved next to him to help keep him dry. To my surprise, we had a nice chat and he thanked me as the bus came. When we boarded the bus, he went toward the back and I sat near the front. There weren’t many people on the bus. When I turned around to look at him, to my amazement, he was gone! There had been no stops along the way. I wondered then if he had been an angel?  Cayce had this to say about angels, “Oft does man entertain angels unawares.” (3011-3)

The book is available at:

Enjoy your day with the Angels.