Friday, March 1, 2013

The Turtle Angel

Photo by William Warby  from Wikimedia
Yesterday while sitting by the lake, with time to spare before going to a meeting,  I was surprised when a mother pulled up on the boat ramp in her pickup truck.  Curiously, I watched her young daughter try to carry a large plastic storage bin down to the water. It was almost as large as she was.  Mom helped out, and her little brother tagged along behind them to the lake.  When they tipped the clear box on its side, I could see a really big turtle, waiting to gain his freedom.   I never saw one move so fast.  In a matter of seconds, he was happily swimming back home again.

When the family returned to the truck, I commented on the speed of the turtle.  The mom smiled. "We live way over there," she pointed down the road. When they came home, he was waiting in the carport. Quickly they rounded him up in the storage bin and brought him here.

 "He knew which house to go to,"  I said, recognizing a turtle angel when I see one.  (Even a turtle sometimes needs help getting home.)

"He sure did!" She grinned. They all piled into the truck and took off, happy to be of service.

The turtle is a perfect symbol of patience and endurance which has been a major theme this week.  It's comforting to know that unseen help can suddenly show up to deliver us to our destination.  We just need to follow our inner-guidance.

The synchronicity with the angels is really picking up.   Later, entering a store on a whim, imagine my surprise to hear voices singing, "I believe in angels" on the sound system. "What?" The timing made me light-headed.  "I believe.  I believe." I laughed, thankful for the loving reminder.  It's so true that what we focus on, we attract.

Enjoy your day with the Angels and open your heart to receive their love and light.  You'll be glad that you invited them into your life.