Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Aspire to Inspire Before You Expire: An Angel Message

Angel Bumper Plate
Angel thoughts are God's pure intuition passing to us.  They are delivered in such a personal way that we know it was meant for us.  A confirmation of good that grabs our attention in the world of form. When this happens, it is a wonderful sign that synchronicity is at play.  Synchronicity, the language of the angels.  And, we realize, that we are not alone.
As you go about your day, stay open to signs at play.  What were you thinking when a sudden nudge inspired you to look this way or that?   We can trust in divine timing.  God is Love and fills all space.

Aspire to Inspire Before You Expire is the message on this license plate.  We can drive down the road under the influence of angels.  No one really expires, but our time here has a shelf-life, so the angels encourage us to aspire to use our God-given talents to inspire others and make the world a brighter place because we care. Never under-estimate the power of a smile.

Enjoy your day, and celebrate the gift of life! 

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen