Wednesday, July 28, 2021

A Message from Woody: An Angel Message

 To beat the heat, Elliot and I went to the lake early yesterday morning. A tranquil quiet view of the still waters, along with the company of a lone Muscovy duck nestled under the picnic table added to the peacefulness.  In the shade of the old cypress tree, the sky suddenly stirred with a flutter of happy wings, and a cheerful whistling tune.

We watched a bright red-headed woodpecker land on the towering utility pole by the lake.  If it hadn't been singing its own song, the opportunity to receive an angel message from nature might have gone unnoticed. 

The sight of this beautiful pileated woodpecker presented a rare photo opportunity.  At first the woodpecker, hidden by the large power coils, made the task difficult.  But when the angels were asked to help, the zoom lens bounced, as I tried to steady it.  Then to my delight, Woody made a sudden move! Was he resting atop the wood power pole in broad daylight?  I laughed, what cooperation -- he was presenting his best side, red crested head, with shiny brown eyes, looking upward to the light   

I remembered a woodpecker signals a time to move in a new direction. You now have what it takes.

At home, a review of the symbolism was helpful.

When a woodpecker appears, it often indicates a new rhythm is in play in our life, one that will eliminate worries and allow success to take root. The woodpecker's strong, hooked claws enable it to hold tight to trees, and its stiff tail feather prop it up for balance as it pecks and drums for food.  The flight of the woodpecker is also unique.  An indication to follow our own unique rhythms and flights. To do what works for us in the manner that is best for us.

If the woodpecker appears, then we have laid the foundation, and now is the time to follow our own rhythms in building upon that foundation to pursue endeavors in the manner unique to us.  Doing things the way we have done in the past will no longer work.  Doing them the way others have done them will not work for us either.  Now is the time to plan for the future and build upon it.  A new rhythm, a new ability and a new opportunity for rapid growth is around us now. 

I'm so thankful for these wonderful angel messages from nature that are delivered with an element of joyful surprise.  And, I'm so very grateful to remember the angels are always with us on this journey home.  I'm sure we would weep with joy if we could see the celestial company in our midst.  But for now it is more than enough to keep having faith in the unseen and send prayers of gratitude for all God's Love. 

Love and peace,


Rae Karen




Ref:  Animal-Wise, Ted Andrews