Sunday, July 4, 2021

Ribbit! Freedom's Song: An Angel Message

This morning while looking for a freedom blog, I came across this older one called "Ribbit! Freedom's Song". Although it didn't happen on July 4th, the message is a good fit for Independence Day.

While taking a break in nature, inspiration suddenly struck.  I could move the old wrought iron baker's rack to fill in a vacant spot by the house. I got busy moving the clay pots from the baker's rack shelves to lighten the load.   One pot was upside down.  As I turned it right-side up, what a surprise. 
A little tree frog looked up--bewildered by the sudden light.  He must have crawled into the pot's drainage hole, and grown too big to escape.  I could see that my garden project had a greater purpose than I realized.
Happy to set him free--there was no telling how long he'd been waiting for a helping hand, but some bugs had come in to keep him happy. 
Pale and wide-eyed, the little fellow joyfully leaped out into the garden, glad to be back in the world once more.

A few days later, while mixing a tub of potting soil on the driveway, I found an added ingredient in an bag of Perlite (an amendment to improve drainage and aeration). Dumping the white lightweight substance into the garden tub, I was surprised by a secret ingredient in the large plastic bag.

A little tree frog!  It tumbled out, coated in white flakes like flour.  Two big eyes stuck out of the pasty white, looking up with a silent plea.  "HELP!" 
My heart went out to him.

 I ran for the garden hose and gently showered him clean.  I'll admit he did a little dance, moving to the left and then to the right as white specks washed away, returning him to his natural tan body.  Somehow he had crawled into the rolled bag, but now he was free.

 Squeaky clean and ready to go, he took a leap into the potting soil mix!  
Gently spraying him once more, I offered advice on his choice of options. His tiny suction cupped fingers clung to the wall of the red plastic tub as he slowly stretched upward to regain his bearings.  A final rinse spritzed him all the way to the flowering lantana bush. It was a shower of love.


I thought about the two hidden frogs.  What was their message?

Sometimes our energy becomes stagnant and we tuck ourselves away in some unlikely ways and places.  Stuck. Maybe there's something we don't want to face.  Some part of ourselves that we can't accept. Some guilt from past mistakes.  Whatever the cause, every facet of our emotional, mental, physical being suffers.  That's when we need to open up to the light and let God into our lives.

Once the frog was on his way, I learned that a lantana bush's energy can help get our energy moving in the right direction by taking us directly to whatever we've been so cleverly blocking from our awareness. 
What synchronicity.The language of angels.

And again, F.R.O.G. is an acronym for Fully Rely On God to experience the freedom God's Love has in store for you  now and always.

Enjoy your Independence day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

(photo:  treefrog hiding under our patio umbrella)