Thursday, July 15, 2021

Stretch to Help Out: Angel Message

 A favorite afternoon retreat is often a visit to a nearby lake.  Recently while parked underneath the green leafy cypress tree, while enjoying the beautiful view, my attention was drawn to the sandhill crane family that reside at the lake.  Not far from our car,  I could see Papa crane was in trouble.  He had a piece of plastic caught on his beak.  He kept on pecking the ground, up and down, but couldn't shake the plastic wrap off.  

Eager to help, I started to jump out of the car and retrieve it.  But, then I remembered... we have always respected our distance.  The troubled crane might not understand a sudden close encounter on his behalf.   So, I sat still, watching and praying for a solution. 

Then, an answer appeared.

Stretch, his young son approached.  Curiously watching Dad, he must have wondered, what is the lesson here?   

Silently I kept sending Junior a message to grab it.

Then, in a moment of intuition, the young colt stretched his long neck out to help his father.  It was such a tender scene, and one of great relief as I watched the loving pair.  Stretch knew what to do.  Gently he took the plastic from his Dad's beak and it fell to the ground. 

  Sometimes our family members may need a helping hand, and what joy to discover we have arrived at the right time to help out.  Have a joyful day with the angels, and always remember that you are never alone.  God's loving angels accompany you today and always.  The best is yet to be.

 Love and peace,

Rae Karen