Friday, July 9, 2021

Look for the Love: An Angel Message

 Every morning I cook a batch of oatmeal in the electric rice cooker.  This morning the oatmeal had overflowed out of the small hole in the top of the lid.  Since the brand of oatmeal has changed it doesn't seem to matter about the measurements.  You don't always get the same results.  

I'll admit to being rather annoyed by the spillover on the kitchen counter, but when I grabbed a sponge to clean up what a surprise to find the image of a little open heart in the mess.  

That little heart changed my mood to laughter, as I realized I don't always get what I want but what I need.  Obviously, I needed a little more love in my actions today.

The angels remind us to look for the love around us today. It's there--even in a messy situation.

Love and joy,

Rae Karen