Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Psalm 62 - Follow the Angel Nudges

"My soul waiteth in silence for God only..."    
Psalm 62
 I've become more aware of just how interrelated we are to each other.   The evidence unfolds naturally as I go here and there, doing this or that, with an attitude of expectancy. 

For instance, one day, in search of an answer, I was silently mulling over a problem in my mind while in the car.   Riding through town, an angel nudge pointed out a man wearing a Psalm 62 tee shirt. I wasn't familiar with that Psalm, but made a mental note to look it up at home. 

Turns out, I didn't need to wait that long.  We stopped for lunch at a local restaurant. After placing our order, an angel thought nudged me to check out their bookcase of donated materials in the lobby. 

I couldn't believe my eyes.  There on the shelf was an old red book, Notes on the Psalms!
I returned to the table, beaming.  "The angels are talking to you!" my husband, Elliot said. 
I turned the pages to Psalm 62, a peacefulness came over me as I began to silently read these passages:
"My soul waiteth in silence for God only:
From him cometh my salvation.
He is my rock and my salvation:
He is my high tower; I shall not be greatly moved.
... Trust in him at all times... 
...Pour out your heart before him."

I closed the book, thankful for those healing words that fit every occasion.  It was just the message I needed. The Angels speak the language of synchronicity and guide us to just what we need each hour. 
Enjoy your day with the Angels.
Love and joyful blessings,
Rae Karen