Sunday, August 27, 2023

Lesson from a Late Bloomer: An Angel Message

 Early this summer, while Elliot and I were in Mount Dora for lunch, I spotted lush, bushy BIG marigold plants--laden with old blossoms begging to be dead-headed.    Planted at the entrance of a prestigious lakeside hotel parking lot, the flowers had been neglected.  

The gardener in me kicked in...  

From experience, I knew each deadhead secretly held an abundance of seeds ready to blossom into new life.  With a grateful heart, I took each precious one as if handling Mary's gold. Deadheading was a win-win.  I had rich seeds to plant in my garden. And, the hotel's marigolds had more energy to produce new blooms.  

Well sadly, as often the case with the best of intentions, the marigold seeds were left in clay saucer to dry out on our front porch.  Then heavy winds and driving rain blew most of the seeds away. Even then, I delayed the planting, making excuses. Blazing heat, high humidity, a new flower bed needed digging. 

Then one day it all came to a head while sweeping the porch, I got shaken awake as I stared with remorse at the few seeds in the dish, patiently waiting for a chance to bloom.   

Laden with guilt, I got busy. Why hadn't I taken the time or energy to give the little marigold seeds a lease on new life?  Although late in the season, quickly I tucked them in a large terracotta pot with wild buttercups, and said a little prayer of forgiveness.  

When the seeds sprouted, it warmed my heart.  To make up for lost time, the plants soon grew tall with lush green leaves, but no buds.  Then a short time later, the forgiving blossoms began to pop out. Big  golden marigolds buds opened in the sunshine. Sadly I realized the harvest could have been more plentiful--fields of golden yellow blooms, but the decision was left in my hands.    

Nature is always teaching. And, this was a good lesson.  How often I began a good work full of great promise, gathering all the necessary resources, and yet something happens, the desire wanes, and the seeds lie fallow, never planted in good soil.   

Just now I looked up the symbolism of Marigold.  The flower is tied to Mother Mary. It is a flower of fidelity and longevity.   It reminds us to the coming of important dreams. They remind us that sacrifices made will be for the best, although it may not appear so at the time.  

The angels encourage us to finish the good work that God has begun in us.  With their help, we too will bloom where we are planted.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen 

Marigold ref.  Nature-Speak, Ted Andrews