Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Today's Forecast: An Angel Message

At dawn this morning, as I stepped outside to roll the trashcan down the driveway, three baby bunnies grazed by the oak tree nibbling on cracked corn.  They didn't mind the whirring wheels of the trash barrel.  

I was amazed at the stillness in the air.  The  horizon glowed in pink and orange creating a touch of heaven in the air.  Just think, if I had put the trash out last night, I would have missed a golden dawn.  Today the weather forecast for Florida isn't so peaceful. A tropical storm or hurricane is in the winds, depending on the cone of uncertainty.  

Times like this Psalm 91 helps me to find peace in the storms.  God is never uncertain. God never changes.  A higher truth, we live, and  breathe, and move in an atmosphere of divine Love.  We abide in the eternal noon. 

The angels are with you, watching over you, and God has you tucked underneath his sheltering wings like a mama bird covers her chicks.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen