Saturday, August 26, 2023

Hidden Treasures: An Angel Message

 Early this morning I felt my grandmother's presence around me while I was waking up.  Grandma was a strong woman of faith who had overcome many hardships in her life.  She's been on the other side since 1987, and so I was comforted by the reminder that Love never dies. It is eternal, and lives in our hearts.

Something amusing happened later on.  Since moving heavy flower pots a few days ago, I pulled a muscle in my leg so rather than hobble to get my Bible this morning, I grabbed Grandma's old Bible out of the cabinet by the porch for the daily lesson.

First thing, tucked away in the wrinkled pages I found a funny photo.  Mom's childhood pig, Susanna!  Kitty the cat was piggy-backing while Susanna snorted for food. An unlikely pair, they both shared Mom's love, and were family.

Another surprise turned up in Grandma's old Bible.  A portrait postcard.  A special delivery from the past. An amusing reminder that my family was fond of postcards long before I came along.  I stared at the faded memory of my sweet grandmother, a young mother, holding her first baby girl.  Posing by a budding bush, time seemed to stand still as I reflected upon her life on the farm and her great faith in the Lord.  

I am so thankful to be comforted by these heavenly touches the angels deliver to strengthen our faith.  You never know what little heart treasures may pop up just when you need a powerful reminder that Love never fails.  It is indestructible and never dies. God is Love.

May you feel the comfort and grace of your angels enfolding you and all of your loved ones.  Love always makes a way.

Love and peace in Christ,


Rae Karen