Thursday, August 3, 2023

Leaps of Faith: Angel Message

 I get excited when the angels plan a surprise, a confirmation to a message, to make sure I really get it.  In a follow-up to yesterday's angel blog on the nudge, first thing this morning a visitor was at the back porch door.  A friendly little green grasshopper! Hugging the screen door, he peeked into the porch. Something was up.  It's been years since a grasshopper leaped into my life, and this one was a healing light green.  

The happy little messenger had staying power and patience as I went about my morning chores.  Watering the flowers, feeding the wild bunnies.  He didn't mind posing for a photo op to share with you.  

Grasshopper symbolizes taking leaps of happiness, but I wanted to know more.  Here's what I found out:

Grasshopper - Have faith.  New leaps of  happiness are coming.  Listening to your own inner voice brings success.  Refusing to move creates problems.  (Animal-Speak, Pocket Guide, Ted Andrews)

The visit was divinely timed.  After Elliot and I did our usual morning prayers and meditation on the porch, I opened my eyes, the grasshopper was gone.  His mission complete.  And, I got it.

When we listen to our inner voice and follow, wonderful things will happen, but it takes a leap of faith, for sure.  A willingness to be still and take a break from constant news and the rushing pulse of social media so we can hear the best way to proceed.

Like the little grasshopper, on the outside screen grid, looking in, all it takes is a little willingness on our part to be still and go within, and listen for guidance.  

Have a blessed day with your Angels, and enjoy the hopeful messages they bring to you along the way.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen