Saturday, August 12, 2023

A Cheerful Lifesaver: Angel Message


Faith grows in a garden so the saying goes. The angels delivered a message of hope today.  Several years ago, this prickly stub cutting, the size of my not-so-green thumb was stuck in a flower pot on the porch in hopes of seeing a wonder of nature. I could hardly believe a plain little plant could grow up and produce an amazing bloom like a candy lifesaver.  But to my surprise, with little help from me, after many seasons, out popped a precious little lifesaver.  My faith grew stronger with proof, a sign to keep on believing in what is yet to be seen.  A promise.

While sweeping the porch this morning, my attention was drawn to the potted cactus on the shelf.  I counted not one, but seven perfectly symmetrical little blossoms!  Like cherry lifesavers, they sweetened my day with hope. The friend who gifted me with the cactus cutting is facing some physical challenges.  It was a good omen.   Each bud,  equal in size, and perfect in symmetry.  Seven is a number of perfection.  A reminder to never give up, just keep on doing your best day by day, and have faith the best is yet to be.

I'm grateful to the angels for their tireless support, and all the little love notes they sprinkle throughout our day. Messages to uplift and warm our hearts.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen