Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Holy Cow! An Angel Message

Okay, maybe I was getting a little carried away that day. But it wasn't just my imagination when I bumped into a LARGE cow painting, dripping with color on the shelf.  Rolling my cart down the aisle, something made me stop and take a real good look at her.   Our eyes locked in a knowing gaze, as if we were meant to be.

Those big soulful eyes and bulging nostrils stirred up an amusing childhood memory of another encounter with a cow on my grandparent's farm. Only a toddler, I had wandered down by the pasture fence.  A big cow came close, staring intently at me. Her shiny dark eyes locked with mine in a stern motherly gaze.  And, I became too afraid to make a move.  I let out a loud holler, and Mom came running. "What's wrong?" She asked, seeing me safely on the outside of the fence, staring at the cow. 
 "He's YOOK-in at me!"
In looking back, perhaps the cow was watching over me, making sure I didn't wander off.
Longingly I gazed at the color-filled cow art, drinking in her unusual hues. 
Although one-of-a-kind,  I couldn't justify bringing the cow home. Empty hearted, I left her on the shelf.  Out in the parking lot, my soul whispered, Holy Cow!  Aren't you looking to add more color to your life?"  

It was true, I had been feeling rather dull...
And, that special cow flowed with fresh colors from a creative artist's palette.
You won't find another one like it.    
Just the remedy needed, I ran back to round up Bessie at the cash register. 
That BIG BRIGHT COW, gazing above my desk, lifted my m-o-o-o-d.  To loosen up and let the creativity juices flow by adding more color to my life.
Later, just for fun, I found the symbolism of cows on-line.  
"Cows have large eyes that see all.  The stare may be hypnotic and will tear down one's walls to find the soul."  
Wow...That was my experience. 
Also, cows ultimately show us how to honor others, and to nurture ourselves.

Why not consider adding more color to your life today?  Watch for the joyful things of God to come your way.  Your Guardian Angel is always with you, guiding, comforting, and protecting you along the way.  Your Guardian Angel knows you better than you know yourself.  The best is yet to be. 

Love and peace,

Rae Karen