Friday, December 16, 2022

An Elf Leaped Off the Shelf: An Angel Message

Angels often communicate in playful, fun ways. They know how to brighten our day.   This morning was no exception. While sorting through the many loose Christmas CDs, I was focused, making sure each one went back into its proper plastic case. 

Suddenly, I heard a joyful, jingle of a little bell. 

I turned around.  

Our cute holiday elf had somehow made a surprising leap off the CD storage rack.  The old, tarnished  bell on its stocking cap hadn't stopped it from making a joyful noise.    

How did that happen!? I laughed, propping the elf back up.   

Soon, more make-shift music filled the air when the manatee wood chimes above me began wildly clanging a Caribbean melody.   

Somehow I'd managed to bump my head on its long wooden pulley by the stereo. Since that never happened before, I laughed again, wondering, what was up?

In that special moment, it felt as though the angels of music were trying their best to lift my spirits. The wood-chimes had been a keepsake from a special Christmas Day at Blue Springs, home of the manatees many years ago. 

It turns out that loving musical whack on the head, inspired a trip to visit the manatees at Blue Springs. A nice break to take a walk in nature on a winter afternoon.

 With all the bells and chimes, more angels were getting their wings. May you feel the joy of music fill your holiday season. It's guaranteed to brighten your mood and spread cheer. 

 And, remember you are never alone.  You're always in the good company of your loving Guardian Angel. 

Love, peace, and joy, 


Rae Karen