Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dutch Shoes, the Elves, and an Angel Kiss

Christmas holidays brings out the child in me.  A glimpse of Christmas past must have been at the heart of my buying this old pair of wooden Dutch shoes at a neighborhood yard sale.  Memories of the tulip fields of Holland, canals and windmills, and a love for cheese made it a done deal.  

In an attempt to dress up the hardwood shoes, I wiped the natural wood with a good dose of lemon oil. To my dismay, dark streaks were not the look I was after. Regrettably, I wished I had searched on line before my quick application. 

Too late now, I put the pair in the sunlight on the baker's rack where they could get toasty dry. Soon the oil had blended in a more solid hue just in time for Christmas, and they made great boats for my childhood Christmas tree elves. 

 Getting swept up in the holiday decorations, I found my mother's old Santa Claus stocking.  It was our first Christmas without her.  Just for fun, I ran my hand down deep inside the sock.  I felt a small  piece of paper at the toe, and playfully wondered if Mom had a message for me from the other side. 

When I opened my hand, I laughed at the foiled wrapper of a Hershey's chocolate Kiss.  The chocolate was long gone, but the little banner "Kiss" was just the stocking stuffer I needed.  Thank you, Mom.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen