Friday, December 9, 2022

Dutch Shoes, Christmas Elves, and a Heavenly Kiss

Christmas holidays bring out the child in me.  Years ago, a glimpse of Christmas past was at the heart of finding these wooden Dutch shoes at a neighborhood yard sale.  Just my size.  Childhood memories of colorful fields of tulips in Holland, windmills, and a love of cheese made it a done deal.  

Anxious to restore the natural wood, I grabbed the lemon oil and wiped the shoes hoping for a rich patina. Soon dark streaks stained the wood, hardly the look I wanted. Rather than do a little research upfront, I'd jumped in, thinking I knew best.  Oh well, it was too late. 
Hoping for the best, I left them on the patio to dry in the sunshine. The outcome was salvageable.  Although weathered, the large wood shoes turned out to be great boats for my childhood elves to take a ride by the Christmas tree.  Swept up in holiday decorations, I found mom's old Santa Claus stocking  in a box.  Our first Christmas without her, I missed her fun-filled spirit.  For fun, I ran my hand down inside the sock, wishing for a little remnant, something from the past from her. To my surprise, at the tip of the toe, there was a little piece of paper. 
Maybe a message Mom left from the other side, I childishly wished.  When I opened my hand, my heart melted.  A little Hershey's Kiss banner from a chocolate foiled Kiss.  Mom had a sweet tooth. The chocolate was long gone, but in that moment it seemed like a kiss from my mother in heaven.   Thanks, Mom.  I smiled.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen