Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A New Spot: An Angel Message

The scented cinnamon broom by the fireplace could have been what ignited a spark that swept me into action yesterday.  A young neighbor, in need of some extra cash, pitched in to weed, plant new bushes, move African irises, plumbagos, and hibiscus.

A whole lot of shaking was going on!

After all the storms, the weathered Mother Mary garden statue, a gift from my son years ago, was also in need of some loving care. I carried her into the house and bathed her in the kitchen sink.  Soon her face brightened as her gray robe was restored to a pristine white.  Proudly returning her to the flower bed, I quickly yanked up the fleur-de-lys (iris) ornate grill to move it closer to the house.

When I showed my helper Our Lady's new location, he ran his hand over the grillwork, noting that the rust spots could use a touch of spray paint.  Then he noticed a different kind of spot.   "A Ladybug."  

"A Ladybug!" How had I missed it? I wondered, looking at the little orange spotted visitor resting on the base of the iris motif. I smiled, taking it as a sign of approval that Mother is happy in her new spot.

A Ladybug is like a beam of sunshine to me.  Her unexpected presence  always brings a smile.  I've come to see these joyful visitors as a calling card from my Mom, Mary, now my angel in heaven.  And, ladybugs are also associated with Mother Mary.

The appearance of a Ladybug heralds a time of luck and protection in which our wishes begin to be fulfilled.  And the symbolism of an iris is a new birth at hand, maintain hope, and sense of peace restored.*

This morning the Ladybug had flown home, but this beautiful hibiscus (also a flower of new creation) had bloomed with a smile.

Hibiscus flower of new creation
Irises and ladybugs, two of  my favorites.  I love how simple things unfold little touches of heaven when I  follow  inspiration and see what happens!  Now for that spray paint...

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

*Nature-Speak, Ted Andrews