Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Writing on the Wall: An Angel Message

Angel messages may appear in many ways but I've never seen writing on the wall. 

About three weeks ago, early one morning before meditation, the illuminated letters UK appeared on the living room wall. 

At first glance,  I thought it was my imagination, but Elliot also could see the initials glow above the fireplace mantle.  What did it mean?

UK, United Kingdom, (Great Britain) came to mind.

But,  I also remembered another united Kingdom that is a prayer from A Course in Miracles. It's like a Declaration of Independence from the ego's tyranny of fear and guilt.

"The Kingdom is perfectly united
and perfectly protected, and the
                                              ego will not prevail against it.
                                           -- A Course in Miracles

A powerful prayer to remind us that the whole Sonship is united in the perfection of God through Christ, and no ego thought has any authority to rule otherwise.

My logical mind tried to solve the mystery.  The UK letters of light came from eight vents on the metal lamp plate that fastened the colorful stain glass shade with a brass knob.  This lamp has been with us for over twenty years, but never spelled any letters on the wall.

 Now...    UK.

Curious, a search of UK on the web, turned up another meaning.  UK in a text means, "Are you okay?"  It can also mean "U Know".

With the help of Archangel Michael and his mighty legions of angels, we can't help from being more than okay, we are victorious.

By the way, UK is still on the wall every morning.  The letters remain as long as the lamp is on to lighten the room.  A good metaphor for staying connected to the Light in times of despair and darkness. 

Thank you, Archangel Michael for your dedicated service to humanity at this hour.  And to each of you for shining your light out into the world.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen