Thursday, November 16, 2017

A Purrrfectly Heaven Bed: An Angel Message

Last week I woke up in the middle of the night, the recent time change had me out of kilter.  Energized, I went to the den and read in the quiet hours.  I happened to look down and found a tiny cat hair on my pajamas.

This little hair triggered an unexpected flow of tears.  Like a forensic scientist, I studied it as evidence that my sweet Angel had once been here. It all seemed like a dream.   DNA can be detected in a strand of hair, but what that quirky cat and I shared went beyond the physical.

I realized then it was my first time solo at night.  Those pink padded paws would come down the hall and into the den, her golden eyes squinting from the glow of the lamp. She would give me a crazy look like WHATDAYA DOIN'?" Whatever it was, she was in! Taking her loyal post on the arm of the love seat, she would keep me company as I continued to read, pray, or meditate.

I'm so thankful for nine years of wonderful memories.

 Lately I've been learning more about life as a dream.  Our waking dream has no more power than our sleeping one in reality.  When we wake from a dream, we realize we were home in the comfort of our bed the whole time.  We never went anywhere or did anything.

The blog stopped here.  I wasn't sure where where it was going...

 But later that day the answer came. Spontaneously cleaning the office closet, I discovered a damaged notebook of older blogs. Ripping out the stained pages, I found the ending for today's blog.

 In 2010, Elliot and I were on a road trip to New York to visit family. The first night at a Quality Inn in Seaford, Delaware, Angel was on my mind as I got into bed.  It was our first time away, and I told my husband how strange not to have that lovable furry ball nestling at our feet. Although, I was so looking forward to sleeping in late, without the soft pad of little paws on my face to feed her before sunrise. 

That's when Elliot pointed out a small sign on the headboard above me.  A sleeping cat with the words:
"GENTLE SLEEP from Heaven Bed."

We had a good laugh! Angel's energy was with us at bedtime. 

To my surprise, I woke up before dawn the next morning.  A sign that perhaps this is my natural rhythm and not the desires of my feline friend.

And, so it is, with each of us, as we dream from Heaven's Bed of an exile from God that could never be.

The angels are amazing, and we always get the message we need at the right time."GENTLE SLEEP from Heaven Bed."  Sweet dreams, dear Angel.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen