Thursday, November 2, 2017

Leave Nothing Unsaid: An Angel Message

On October 31st, a cool autumn breeze delivered an angel invitation to be in nature.   Elliot and I took off for an afternoon adventure at DeLeon Springs, (named for Ponce DeLeon, the discoverer of the Fountain of Youth)   Watching the dynamic waterfall splash onto the rocks,  osprey soared above fishing. A white ibis flock waded in the overflow. It's so wonderful to be able to see again. 
Natural Springs at DeLeon

At the Visitor Center, I saw a large mural of Sunshine Sally the elephant water skier, popular in the days the state park had been a resort area.  An elephant water skiing... An elephant never forgets.

The little museum had artifacts from the Indians who lived in the area 6,000 years ago. It turns out the sugar mill plantation had been constructed by slaves.  A historic ledger the owner kept of his workforce listed their value.  One old slave named Blind Sarah had three 000's by her name. Nothing...

Park visitors were asked to remember those slaves who worked hard in the past to create this wonderful setting today. My heart warmed with love for Sarah. I could relate to not seeing. That's when I learned my true worth.  It didn't come from anything outside of me, it was a God given gift within. Not seeing meant less distractions, and a closer walk with the Divine. 
Old Sugarmill Restaurant

Inside the Center, I found a free box of old magazines on a table by the door. I asked the angels what I needed, if any. Skimming through the stacks of vintage Guideposts, and Reader's Digest, I picked  two Christmas issues. Disney's Little Mermaid wrapping paper was taped on one magazine, no doubt a remnant from a birthday gift. I kept Ariel, the mermaid, as a reminder to never lose my inner voice. 

Ariel Birthday Wrapping Paper and Fuzzy Tape
At home, I saw that my random selections were not so random after all.  An article, Someone Cares, Pass It On, in the December 2015 Guidepost stressed the importance of leaving nothing unsaid.  Words matter.  It is important  to write to family and friends and let them know they are valued. To use your voice.

 I smiled at the synchronicity.  Now, that my sight is restored, I enjoy writing cards and letters.  The angels had me send personal notes to friends and family that morning.

Another article on WATER, was to drink enough everyday to hydrate so that your brain and body will benefit. Drink to Health! The Little Mermaid...another water symbol.

There was more to come...

Standing at the kitchen sink,  I happened to look down.  The Little Mermaid somehow got attached to my fuzzy sweater!  I'd forgotten her, but the angels wanted to make sure to use my voice. Words matter.

 "Elliot! Look!"  Laughing, I pointed to the Little Mermaid on my sweater.  It's an angel message in gift wrap to honor the present of the feminine voice.  (For both males and females.)

So true.  When it comes to our loved ones and those needing encouragement, leave nothing unsaid, speak and write straight from the heart.  Use your voice.

Words matter.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen