Sunday, May 13, 2018

Reflections on Mother's Day: An Angel Message

 I smiled, so thankful, when I found this lovely old photo of my mother gazing into a mirror. Dressed to the nines in her twenties, she was ready for a night out on the town.  Back then, I was only a gleam in her eye.

 And now, having been her daughter for endless years, I could see how our relationship had transcended time. Little did she know at that special hour, that years later, this old photo would gladden the heart of her yet born daughter.

As I stared intently at her presence, standing tall and beautiful in the light, I understood that the overwhelming shadow on the wall has no power to dwarf love.  It's only a passing image. Light is forever.

As synchronicity would have it, this unexpected gift turned up on my first Mother's Day without her. 

An angel nudge had me take a closer look at the photo. 

The old black telephone on the table beside her! 

That revelation brought such joy as I realized that perhaps Mom had nudged me to find this photo. One I'd not seen before. The phone a sign that our communication lines are still open with our loved ones even when they change their costumes.

Love is the link that keeps our hearts forever connected.

I was thankful, too, for the reminder, that our true reflection is perfect as we are created in the image and likeness of God. Love is reflected by love, and a reflection has not one ounce of physicality in it.

Happy Mother's Day!

Rae Karen