Thursday, May 16, 2024

Move to the Light: An Angel Messenger

Angels messengers in nature come in all shapes and sizes--each with a unique message.  An unusual and not so attractive slimy messenger popped up this morning.  On a whim, I had stepped into the raised flowerbed to deadhead geraniums after yesterday's storms. Afterwards with a handful of soggy pink and white faded blooms, I stepped back down off the wall of large rocks around the flowerbed.  Looking down at my feet, I saw it.   A wide baby brown slug clinging to a weathered rock on the border.  Somehow I had  avoided not stepping on it.  The slug is one of those angel messengers that brings a twinge of guilt that I am moving too slow.  Following the angel nudge for a photo, I ran for the camera, thinking for sure I had plenty of time.  Slug moves ever so  s-l-o-w... but what a surprise...this one had raced off without a trace.

Ages since a slug crossed my path, I was curious about the message. I turned to the Animal-Speak Pocket Guide.  Slug symbolizes move to the light.  "No shortcuts exist right now.   Illumination is at hand.  Appearances are deceiving, but you have found your path."  More research revealed the slug is a member of the snail family, without a shell.   It was an ancient divination tool considered sacred.  The slimy trail was  guidance in the direction of life decisions.  Hmm...this one had disappeared. 

Slugs, hardly attractive...usually invoke a message of laziness.  But, as I later learned, they are important symbols:  Take your time, attach to what priorities are important to you, and let go of all your old outworn patterns.   Although these creatures cannot see shapes and colors, they silently and slowly move toward the light.  Slugs represent higher vision.  Keep moving toward the light.  And be true to yourself, the path will open up along the way, inch by inch.  Everything you need is within you.The slug is also related to the letter yud in the Hebrew alphabet, both are shaped similarly.  When the slug appears, we are opening to receive a higher vision.  A new path is opening. We are setting an intention to accept change in our life.


I am so thankful for the uplifting message for us all to keep moving to the Light.  Keep shining. 

Love and peace,

Rae Karen