Thursday, May 23, 2024

Angel of Miracles

 An amazing abundance of blessings popped up on our lawn yesterday afternoon.  Our wild turkey friend who had stopped by on Saturday had returned, but not alone.  She felt our yard was a safe place to bring her new flock of seven adorable little chicks.  

I did a little research.  The chicks are called Poults and are born in a ground nest with their siblings.  A mother may lay 8-15 eggs.  Baby turkeys can walk and run within hours after birth, and by the size of these little ones they were probably just a few days old.  An egg tooth helps the turkeys break free from their egg.  They recognize each other by the sounds of their voices. 

Synchronicity played out today--the language of angels.  When dropping off donations at a local Angel Thrift Shop, I found a precious angel statue for sale.  The Angel of Miracles cradles an egg while the chick hatches her way out of the shell. A comforting image to recall when we go through periods of great transition and transformation.   An angel is always present, helping with the new birth.   The best is yet to be.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen