Thursday, May 2, 2024

Blowing in the Wind: Angel Message

 It was a sudden an unexpected flash of recognition this morning.  I'd just come back from feeding the ducks when I saw an unusual sight silhouetted on the white cotton curtain. Ha! My little E.T. statue, a gift many years ago, was featured in a light show.  His long finger pointed up, a message of love.  Keep thoughts on high.  The sands are shifting here.  Earlier I heard a strong message to rule over my ego today.  Don't let her out.  Stay calm, no matter what.  Stay rooted in the Truth. 

On the windowsill by ET, I noticed a forgotten gray stone plaque that added weight to the forecast as I read:

Lord keep your arm around my shoulder
   and your hand over my mouth.
I'm so grateful for these unexpected angel hints that try their best to help me pass every test.  
Just as a sapling is buffeted about by strong winds, it serves a
purpose as the young tree must grow its roots down deeper into
the ground.  
How blessed are we to have celestial help to bolster our strength and give courage to stand rooted in the Divine.  May you pass every test.  The best is yet to be.
Love and peace,
Rae Karen